Decorate Using Abstract Paintings

Paintings are a very common and popular element used by people to decorate their homes. But not all homes look good showcasing the same type of paintings. The style of the painting must match the style of the interior décor. It’s why modern and contemporary homes should feature modern art unless their interior is a mix of multiple styles.Modern art is usually defined by simplicity and lack of explicit images.

Abstract painting
A large white hallway featuring several oversized abstract paintings

It’s abstract art and most often it’s very difficult to decipher the meaning behind it. Sometimes you even wonder if there even is a meaning or if it’s just a random use of color. Abstract art is non-representational and often minimalist. It’s a type of art that encourages us to use our imagination. You can basically look at a modern painting and imagine all sorts of things, giving meaning to each line and splash of color, every time in a different way.

Dining table abstract painting
Contemporary dining room with a very crisp and clean look and an oversized painting in the background
Living room abstract painting
Contemporary living room featuring a black and white abstract painting
Abstract painting1
Living room featuring a color palette also concentrated in an abstract painting

Abstract paintings, even though beautiful in the museums, look even better on the walls of a home where you can take your time and let your imagination run wild while contemplating it. There are lots of different types of modern or abstract art. For example, there’s the black and white trend that has a certain simplicity and elegance to it, the minimalist paintings that don’t really express anything and that are statements, the geometrical forms and shapes that are beautiful in their simplicity and several other types that can be explored in the examples that follow.

Above fireplace painting
Contemporary living room with an abstract modern painting that reflects the whole décor
Entryway abstact painting
A simple, modern hall featuring an oversized, abstract painting with bold color displays
Traditional living room abstract painting
An open plan living room with three minimalist and colorful abstract paintings on a wall

When choosing an abstract painting for your home you must take into consideration several aspects. For example, you must first decide where the painting should be placed. Then you must think of the dimensions. Oversized paintings are very popular and beautiful. You must also decide which colors should be displayed and you must also think of the atmosphere you are trying to create.

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