Colorful and Warm Home by Viscusi Elson Interior Design

There are homes which can make you feel comfortable, full of energy, relax or even make you enter a different world. The way are chosen the colors for the walls, a certain type of furniture in various nuances or the way are chosen the decorative items can create a special atmosphere, a particular style and fill you with a certain mood.All these things happen with a family home designed by Viscusi Elson Interior Design. Whether we refer to the living room or the hall of this house you will notice the magic ambiance it was created by the choices made by the designer.

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The turquoise walls contrasted by the wood white ceiling makes you think of nature, that you are in a magic place in the middle of it. The presence of some marine elements on the furniture or the wood oars that appear on a wall make you think of the mysteries of the waters of the oceans.

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The fox sconces designed by the artist Bill Huebbe, the presence of the birds-statues, the floral prints on the pillows or curtains or the metal butterfly on a small side table on the hall bring a part of the nature inside and make you feel dynamic and full of life. There are also chosen warm and fresh colors like: green, yellow and red so that you can feel more comfortable and optimistic.