50 Christmas Mantles For Some Serious Decorating Inspiration

Everyone dreams of having a fireplace at Christmas. There’s just something about the Christmas morning daydream, with the sparkling tree and the crackling fireplace and the soft carols playing in the background, that speaks to each and every heart. Plus, the interior decorator within us is wishing for a mantel to decorate with all the holiday trimmings. Whether you are lucky enough to have a fireplace mantel in your home or you pretend the top of the bookshelf is your mantel, there are so many wonderful decorating ideas to get your space ready for Christmas. Take a look at these 50 Christmas mantels for some serious decorating inspiration.

Christmas quote banner

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned banner to wish everyone a merry Christmas or happy holidays. You can make yours with patterned paper or burlap or wood, whichever look suits your fireplace best. (via The TomKat Studio)

Advent calendar christmas mantel

Many people keep the tradition of Advent calendars in their family and there are loads of styles you can buy and even make. Keep yours on your mantel to show off one of your family traditions to all your friends. (via Happy Grey Lucky)

Versatile mantel background

Wondering if you have enough to fill your mantel? Put together a background, like this window and shutters, that’s pretty yet neutral so you can easily change out the filler between seasons. (via StoneGable)


Live christmas garland

Everyone else is on the live garland train so why shouldn’t you hope on board? While it takes a bit of maintenance, the fresh look and sweet smell make it totally worth it. (via A Note On Style)

Bottlebrush trees mantel

Anyone else adore bottle brush trees as much as I do? They can easily make your mantel look like a miniature winter wonderland. Just sprinkle them around stacks of books or colored ornaments or candles for the best effect. (via Style Estate)

Christmas quote chalkboard

Chalkboards have their good qualities and bad qualities. If you have the talent for calligraphy, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of a giant chalkboard for your mantel. All the Christmas lyrics and classic Christmas Bible passages will be yours to command. (via Lilacs and Longhorns)

Christmas mantel mirror

Are you looking at Christmas with a tight budget? Comb your house and choose your sparkliest mirror to hang above your fireplace for the holidays. No one will ever know you didn’t buy it especially for the occasion. (via Family Holiday)

Neutral colored mantel

Many of you are probably wondering how you’re going to make bright red look appealing in your neutral colored home. The answer: don’t! Opt for nature inspired colors like green, cream, brown and gold instead. (via @loloirugs)

Ornament garland mantel

You just have to stop and marvel at this gorgeous garland made from Christmas ornaments. It will make your living room feel more like Toyland all through December. And you’ll have some wonderful photo ops. (via Style Estate)

Jared candles mantel

Christmas is the time when you spend your evenings by the light of the Christmas tree. Make your mantle glow as well with candles in glass jars. (via Style Estate)

Paper party balls mantel

Don’t write off the honeycomb paper balls as cheap party decorations. A few small ones in coordinating colors can really help fill those empty spots on the mantel that you’ve been struggling with. (via DIY Network)

Marquee christmas mantel

Who doesn’t love a good marquee sign! Considering Christmas is all about the twinkle lights in every nook and cranny you can find, buy or build yourself a good holiday themed set of letters to light up your mantel. (via Uncommon Designs)

Duel tone christmas mantel

Not everyone wants an explosion of red and green for Christmas. Stay classy by choosing two colors to decorate your mantel with. You’ll be surprised how much it helps you with all your decorating decisions. (via Family Holiday)

Ornament jars mantel

Some of the best decor ideas are the ones you can complete in five minutes because you already have everything you need. Gather your glass jars and fill them with ornaments for a quick and easy mantel decoration. (via Style Estate)

Christmas textures mantel

If you can, don’t forget to play with your textures in your mantel decor. Knit stockings against a live garland and smooth wood will give the fireplace a look of completeness. Not to mention coziness. (via Style Estate)

Christmas lights mantel

Maybe you’re wanting a pretty bright mantel display. In that case, you’ll want to buy a few extra strings of lights when you make your annual Christmas lights shopping trip. Wound around garlands or by themselves, they’ll give the space even more Christmas glow. (via Style Estate)

Decorate with presents

We spent a lot of time wrapping our presents perfectly. Why not use those wrapping skills to decorate your mantel? Wrap up some empty boxes in your prettiest wrapping paper for the best effect. (via Balsam Hill)

Metallic christmas mantel

Just because you have lights that glitter and shine doesn’t mean you should leave off the metallics for the holidays. Silver and gold should adorn your body and your mantel all December long. (via Centsational Girl)

Stocking mantel decor

Some of us have mantels that are so skinny, we are afraid to put lit candles on it. If you’re in the same boat, splurge on your favorite stockings and let those hanging socks do the decorating work for you. (via Four Generations One Roof)

Vintage christmas mantel

Many people prefer to be as nostalgic as possible around Christmastime. Go that route by adorning your mantel with vintage finds and meaningful mementoes. Think black and white photos of family and your grandmother’s Christmas platter. (via Organized Clutter)

Red decor christmas mantel

Please don’t throw out the possibility of red in your Christmas decor. Christmas is almost the only time that you can get away with it, no matter who you are. So try out the red bows and crimson ornaments for once. (via Style Estate)

Nativity Christmas Mantel

If your Christmas celebrations revolve around your faith, don’t be afraid to shout it loud. Display the biggest nativity you can find on your mantel to remind you of the real reason for the season every day. (via Hymns and Verses)

Poinsetta Christmas mantel

Missing your vase filled with flowers that usually decorates your mantel? Lucky for you, poinsettias are just as pretty as flowers and they’ll provide you with color for the rest of the winter. (via Style Estate)

Fruits flowers mantel

Let’s not think that poinsettias are the only acceptable flower for the holiday season. Feel free to fill your mantel garland with fruits and blooms if that’s what you prefer. (via Putnam Flowers)

Lanterns christmas mantel

Black lanterns have been a trend for a while. This Christmas, instead of leaving them on the porch or worse, putting them away till next year, display them proudly above the fireplace. (via The Everyday Home)

High ceilings require big displays, especially for Christmas decor. Use a piece of fabric or a scarf to hang behind a wreath or mirror to make your entire mantel scene fit the rest of your home. (via One Kindesign)

Bright colored christmas mantel

While red and green are the go tos for Christmas decor, we don’t need to leave out the rest of the rainbow. Find creative ways to add pops of yellow, pink and blue to your mantel for a well rounded and colorful Christmas. (via Little Miss Momma)

Duel wreath mantel

It isn’t Christmas unless you have a wreath hanging somewhere in your home, and the mantel seems like the perfect spot. If you have a one of the longer mantels, don’t be afraid to hang two wreaths instead of one. Double the eye candy! (via One Kindesign)

Wooden sign mantel

I am one of those people who dreams about large rustic signs. Go ahead and try it out this year with your favorite Christmas lyric or Bible verse. You’ll find you could probably start selling them to all your friends after that. (via The Kim Six Fix)

Nutcracker christmas mantel

The Nutcracker in all it’s elements is a classic Christmas tradition for so many people. Pay tribute to the holiday story by decking your mantel with some of those Christmas soldiers. (via One Kindesign)

Eucalyptus garland

There is a truth universally acknowledged that you cannot go wrong with eucalyptus. Wind some fresh eucalyptus leaves into your Christmas pine garland and you’ll have a clean and fresh look for the holiday season. (via @monikahibbs)

Christmas star mantel

I have a thing for stars. They give the illusion of sparkle and magic no matter where you put them. So using a starry theme for your Christmas mantel just makes sense, don’t you think? (via One Kindesign)

Christmas candle mantel

With all your decorating spaces, it’s important to take various heights into account. When you’re putting together your Christmas mantel, try using a collection of white candles in different heights and sizes for a lovely glowing mantel. (via The Lettered Cottage)

Decorate around the TV

Lots of people mount their TV above the mantel because it just makes sense as the focal point in the room. But don’t think that negates you from Christmas mantel decor. Opt for low garlands and lights that will stay out of your way but give it a little cheer. (via pinterest.com)

DIYs christmas mantel

Are you the DIY master? Bust out your silver and gold spray paint and get cracking. There are so many bits and baubles you can make yourself that are definitely Christmas mantel worthy. (via The Bungalow Blog)

Faux snow mantel

Don’t turn your nose up at fake snow. When you cover your mantel in it, it makes a very pretty setting for trees or ornaments or whatever else you put there. Plus it glows in your Christmas lights. Win win. (via The Cottage)

Font play christmas mantel

The most inspiring thing about this mantel is the collection of fonts they used. Choose your phrase and while you’re out shopping for decor, keep your eyes open for the words to complete it. The myriad of fonts will make it look whimsical and cheery. (via The Crafted Sparrow)

Feminine pink mantel

A brave woman uses pink in her decorating. Yes, even her Christmas decorating. Go ahead and get the pink tinsel and the pink ornaments. They’ll look chic and feminine amidst the other Christmas mantel pieces. (via Sua Casa Sua Festa)

Mantel banner art

Sometimes there isn’t much space or time to decorate for Christmas. When you’re looking at your calendar wondering when you’re going to get to it, consider hanging a Christmas themed banner above your mantel and calling it a day. (via One Kindesign)

Rustic christmas mantel

We all read about Laura Ingalls’s Christmas experience. Create your own cabin-like Christmas by using dried fruit garlands and nature from the backyard to decorate your fireplace mantel. (via Picture Trail)

Jars of fairy lights

There’s nothing like a jar full of fairy lights to give you warm sparkly feelings. Get a few for yourself and let their cozy glow like up your mantel this Christmas. (via Brit + Co)

Mantle christmas village

Everyone loves a Christmas village. Whether it’s actual gingerbread, plain white or your mom’s vintage set, line up those little houses on your mantel for maximum attention. (via Pocketful of Paint)

Pinecone christmas mantel

Are you worried about your pet or child trying to eat a live garland? Craft a garland from pinecones instead. They’ll look quite unappealing to eat yet still feel very holiday appropriate. (via DIY Network)

Mini mantel trees

There’s a saying. You can never have too many trees. At least that’s why I say. Don’t stop at your big tree and fill your mantel with festive little trees too! (via The Frugal Homemaker)

Unique christmas wreath

You can’t help but notice the amazing giant wreath made from vintage platters on this mantel. Think outside the box this year and make your wreath from teacup saucers or book pages or candy, something that will definitely set your mantel apart. (via Dimples and Tangles)

Simple christmas mantel

A simple mantel is always acceptable for Christmas. When the tree takes up so much attention, you can get away with a garland and your family’s stockings instead of half the Christmas box if you choose. (via The Washington Post)

Secret garden christmas mantel

Are you looking to make your new home a romantic Christmas nest for you and your new spouse? Use lots of leafy greens to make your mantel into a secret garden for the coziest holiday you’ve ever experienced. (via Domino)

When you live at the beach, it can be a little difficult to decorate with pine. Instead of going classic, use sea glass and sea stars and shells and rope to make a beachy Christmas scene in your living room. (via One Kindesign)

Kid friendly christmas mantel

Just because your mantel is in the kid’s playroom doesn’t mean you should skip it. Use bright colors and kid friendly decor to give their space a bit of Christmas cheer too. (via Babble)

Winter christmas decor

Don’t be afraid to think further than Christmas with your mantel decor. A garland of various greens is a great piece that will decorate for Christmas and still be applicable after New Years. (via Laurel Home)