How Modern Front Doors Can Reveal The Character Of Your Home

The entry door is where it all starts. It’s the first element that anyone analyzes when visiting so it should capture the character of the entire home. In some cases, the front door can be the focal point so it should be chosen carefully. Modern doors feature a variety of interesting and eye-catching designs which makes it easy to impress right from the start.

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What a beautiful combination of geometric shapes, clean lines and soft features. The design of the door is simple, symmetrical and modern and it creates a contrast with the frame. The solid and robust door is framed by glass.

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Apart from featuring all sorts of interesting designs, modern front doors also offer a variety of opening systems. Pivot doors are becoming increasingly popular as their simplicity starts to seduce more and more homeowners.

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With no visible hardware in the form of a doorknob or handle, this pivot door is perfect for minimalist, contemporary homes which emphasize simplicity throughout. And although it stands out very little, the door doesn’t lack style.

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Glass is not a preferred material for front doors mostly because it diminishes privacy and doesn’t really make the interior very secure. However, this type of door almost makes all those problems disappear. And if you’d rather have a more solid front door, consider this design for the back door.

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And speaking of solid front doors, take a look at this one. It really impresses with its design and subtle industrial charm. A really great option to take into consideration if you have a modern home.

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Usually, front doors are made of wood, although other materials are also available. But we often choose to combine materials in order to bring out the contrasts and the characteristics of each of them.

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The door blends in perfectly and it almost seems like the wall folds in to reveal the interior of the house. It’s designs like these that make an entryway look elegant without even trying.

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Some doors are meant to create a strong first impression. Others are designed to make a home feel welcoming. A variety of textures, finishes and colors combined with the right amount of accent lighting make this front entry really inviting.

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The glossy finish, in this case, suggests that the interior design of this home is as glamorous and chic as it can be with an obvious modern look. The simplicity of the front door and the color suggest that the rest of the house is sharing the same characteristics.

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The front door says a lot about your home. So, for example, a door like this one could suggest that your home is modern, welcoming and comfortable but with a bit of industrial flair, maybe featured in combinations of metal and wood.