Beautiful Interiors That Feature Exposed Wooden Beams

People have been using wood to build and decorate their homes ever since they figured out how the whole process works. Even though we evolved a lot since then, we still love wooden beams in our homes and lots of other elements made from this material. Wood is the most popular material in this sense and for good reason. Nothing else can make a space feel as warm, inviting and comfortable.

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Although wooden beams immediately make us think of traditional or rustic houses, that’s not always the case.

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A lot of modern residences take advantage of the charm and beauty wooden beams add to a space and incorporate them in their interior design.

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There are many different possibilities regarding wooden beams. For example, they can either be left exposed or painted or concealed in some other way.

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Exposed ceiling beams are often used to emphasize the architecture of a space or to make a pitched roof look more interesting.

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Sometimes the beams match other design elements such as the wooden floors, the furniture or the staircase. This helps create a cohesive décor.

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Different types of wood have a different visual impact on a space. Some woods minimize the contrast through their lighter colors while others stand out regardless of the background and surroundings.

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To make the ceiling beams stand out less and to give the space a more open and simple look, the beams can be painted to match the ceiling.

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There’s no doubt about it: exposed ceiling beams are excellent at making a bedroom feel extra cozy, warm and inviting.

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In some cases, the beams add interest to the ceiling and give it a geometric look while providing support for the whole structure.

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Match the ceiling beams to the window frames, doors and the floor for a cohesive look and a harmonious room design.

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Wooden beams can look particularly charming in attic spaces. They make the space feel even more cozy, comfortable and welcoming.

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Sometimes ceiling beams are used for support while other times they can just be used as decorative elements designed to infuse the space with a certain style or ambiance.

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Adding or exposing the wooden beams in a room is a very effective way of giving it a rustic appearance especially if the beams have organic forms and irregular shapes.

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Combine exposed wooden beams with brick walls for a textured and charming look. The combo works for traditional, rustic, industrial and even modern or contemporary interiors.

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In addition to becoming strong design features for the room, the beams can also be decorated in a lot of ways depending on the occasion, their placement and the desired atmosphere.

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There’s also a functional side to exposed wooden beams. Instead of seeing them as impediments, make the most of them and take advantage of their presence.

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When paired with a wooden ceiling, the beams don’t stand out as much. Nevertheless, they are always eye-catching regardless of the style chosen for the room.

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You can maintain a fresh, airy and bright décor for a space even when there are wooden beams involved. If the beams are particularly large or if the ceiling is high things get easier.

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Position and proportion the beams in such a way that you can turn the ceiling into a focal point for the space. It can have an interesting geometric pattern for example.

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If you choose to embrace the wooden beams and to make the most of them, there are lots of great design opportunities. You can even give a room a nice feng shui structure and use the support columns to divide and organize an open floor plan.