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The 10 Best Faux Plants for Decorating With Greenery

It’s true that natural plants have so many benefits to offer, but there are certain situations where you simply can’t afford taking care of the plants you want for several reasons. In case you travel or a lot or your house or apartment is positioned in such a way that there isn’t that much sunlight coming in, then artificial plants are a great idea for you. They don’t require watering, they don’t need fertilizer, and there are no fallen leaves to constantly pick up. But how do you choose the right potted plants and what are some recommendations to consider? Keep reading to find out.

Faux Plant Construction

You might think that there isn’t much versatility in terms of looks when it comes to faux plants, but they are usually made from two materials: plastic and silk.

Plastic faux plants are more realistic than silk because they are usually made using molds of real plants, which makes them really likely to have features and variegations from actual plant leaves.

Silk plants, on the other hand, are more expensive, especially if you want them to look more realistic. Silk is a good choice if you want fake flowering plants. Unlike plastic plants, those made from silk are harder to maintain if you want to make them realistic.

Faux Plants Buying Guide

Truth of the matter is, choosing a faux plant is mostly about choosing the ones that you find the most visually appealing. Here are some things to keep in mind prior to choosing a faux plant for your home:

  • There are certain faux plants that include more details than others (for instance, some have raindrops on the leaves). These types of artificial plants won’t match just any decor, you might want to consider letting go of overly-done ones.
  • Some faux plants look very realistic, while others are embellished with too many stems and leaves and do not resemble the actual plant at all.
  • The devil is in the details, and there are some details that can make faux plants look more realistic. For instance, some of them come with soil in the pots, while others have fake roots coming out of the soil.
  • Artificial trees for those of you that want really tall plants. They can successfully fill up empty spaces and they add a lot of personality to a room, making it look more vivid and lifelike. They aren’t that good for those with small apartments and you will have to carefully choose them depending on how your home is decorated (for example, a palm tree will look very weird in a rustic décor).
  • Don’t choose plants with a symmetric a built, because you can tell they are fake from a mile away. No plant grows in perfect symmetry, and this detail can betray the nature of the plant. If you find that a faux plant you bought it too symmetrical, you can always remove some of the stems or leaves.

Choosing & Caring for Faux Plants

There are a lot of fake plants to choose from and this whole topic is very subjective. You can opt between plants such as orchids, palms, or ficus. Leaving personal tastes aside, there are a few things that you should know about caring for faux plants so that you can get the most out of them.

Much like larger leaves on natural plants, faux plants are regular dust magnets. Thankfully, all you really need to dust them off is a clean cloth. If you let thick layers of dust set on the plants, it will become pretty obvious that they are not natural.

Also try to keep these plants out of direct sun, especially if they are made from silk. Silk faux plants exposed to direct sunlight will have their color fade away.

In case you’re wondering what the right spot for fake plants is, know that there is a lot of playroom when it comes to the placement of your faux plants. For instance, those of you that have a mantle above the fireplace can use this spot to place faux plants that help create a symmetrical design.

You can also place faux plants at different levels inside the room to add more dimension to your space. For this, you can opt for faux hanging plants or faux potted plants of different sizes that can be placed on the floor, coffee table, or end table.

Top Best Faux Plants

Artificial Onion Grass in Pot

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

The first example that we wanted to show you is this artificial potted onion grass which is available in two distinct sizes: 31″ H x 11″ W x 11″ D and 51.5″ H x 17″ W x 17″ D. The larger version measures 35 inches (this is the height of the plant) and weighs 15.8 pounds overall. It comes with a wooden support to hold the ceramic pot. The base color is white and the artificial onion grass plant is made from plastic.

Tall High End Realistic Silk Floor Palm Tree in Planter

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

It’s pretty exotic to have a palm tree at home, but having an artificial one makes it way easier to care for it. If you long for the vibe of breezy beaches and want some of the Copacabana feel in your home, take a look at this artificial palm tree. It measures 60” H x 26” W x 26” D and has a total weight of 16.09 pounds. The wooden base is actually made from wicker and the plant is made from silk.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Pot

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

If you like tall artificial plants, you are going to appreciate the looks of this Pure Garden fiddle leaf fig. It is 72 inches in height and makes for an excellent faux potted plant. It’s made from plastic and has large oval leaves which are going to require dusting pretty often. The potted plant weighs about 17.72 pounds, so it’s not the easiest thing to carry around the house, but you should be able to move it nevertheless.

Artificial Ivy Plant in Pot

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

Hanging faux plants are a thing, especially when you don’t want to worry about having to reach high ground to care for the plants on a regular basis. For instance, this George Oliver artificial ivy is a donkey tail plant that can be hung both indoors as well as outside, provided that you don’t place them in direct sunlight. The plant is potted in a porcelain container which is completely white, and hangs from a cotton rope.

Snake Plant in Pot

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

Generally speaking, snake plants are amongst the easiest houseplants to grow because they don’t require a lot of care. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to tend to them ever, so if you’re running away from that for whatever reasons, an artificial snake plant might be the way to go. This handcrafted plant measures 10.5” H x 4.75” W x 4.75” D and makes a wonderful tabletop addition to your family. It’s made from plastic and the pot is filled with tiny stones that match the color of the pot itself.

Palm Tree Plant in Pot
Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

Measuring 72” H x 52” W x 52” D and being a very life-like replacement of a willow ficus, this gem sold by Wildon Home is one of the best floor potted plants that you can invest in. Made from plastic, this 72-inch plant is lightweight (with only 10.5 pounds in weight) and can easily be moved around wherever you feel like an accent plant might be better suited inside the house. The plant comes with a paper eco pot, which shouldn’t be an inconvenience since it doesn’t actually require any watering.

Eucalyptus Plant in Pot
Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

Eucalyptus plants are wonderful to have around the house because they are small (which makes it super easy to find a spot for them) and they also look adorable. This Bungalow Rose plant measures 11.5” H x 5.5” W x 5.5” D and weighs a mere 1.81 pounds. The ceramic planter is available in either white or gray, with each of the two models being adorned with fine golden lines.

Artificial Succulent in Pot

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

The succulent will always make house plants because they are low maintenance and small enough to allow you to buy and place multiple of them across your furniture. If you’re interested in a beautiful artificial succulent, here is one by Brayden Studio. This little fellow measures 6” H x 6” W x 6” D and is made from a combination of plastic and silk. The gray pot comes with a beautiful design.

Artificial Real Zebra Touch Floor Foliage Tree in Pot

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

This artificial potted zebra plant is perfect for those of you seeking a large decorative piece to perhaps fill an empty corner in the room. Granted, at 35” H x 19” W x 17” D this isn’t the tallest faux plant on the market but it looks really well when strategically placed. Every part of the construction is plastic, with the black pot being made from the same material. The leaves are pointy and vivid, with most people not being able to tell this is an artificial plant unless they stand up close.

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

Hedyotis Boxwood Topiary in Pot

When you’re thinking about faux plants, you don’t have to limit your imagination. There are actually some very cool artificial topiaries that you can purchase, and there is a boxwood option that looks absolutely amazing. Made from plastic and available in a bright green, this is a set of two potted topiaries, with each of them measuring 24” H x 17” W x 17” D. Both these topiaries look very realistic and they are weather-resistant, which makes them perfect for outdoor use.

Bottom Line

Faux plants can go a long way in decorating your house, especially since they are so easy to care for and don’t require bright sunlight or watering. With artificial plants, it’s mostly about choosing the ones that either match your existing home décor or the ones that you really find good-looking. Remember that when you’re choosing faux plants, you want to go with those that are as realistically-looking as possible.