London Restaurant Impresses With Lots Of Copper Beauty

Bandol is a new restaurant located on Hollywood Road in London. It can seat up to 70 people at a time and has a very inviting interior design. The most eye-catching element is the palette of materials chosen by London-based studio Kinnersley Kent Design for this project.

The Bandol Restaurant view from the entranceView in gallery

The team used a combination of copper, distressed oak, steel, concrete, brick and smoked glass to give this restaurant a unique look and feel. As you can easily distinguish from the photos, copper plays a very important role in the décor.

The Bandol Restaurant copper tables along the wallView in gallery

The layout of the restaurant allows the clients to have a good view of the back area from the entrance and this detail in a way makes it more welcoming while, at the same time, allows it to feel spacious.

The Bandol Restaurant copper table closeupView in gallery

The Bandol Restaurant individual copper tableView in gallery

The use of copper throughout the restaurant is designed to make the space feel warm while, at the same time, highlighting a series of accent elements. A narrow corridor is formed between the bar and the tables on the opposite wall.

The Bandol Restaurant bar hexagonal tilesView in gallery

The small tables along the wall are made of copper panels that cantilever and continue one meter up the wall. Their shiny finish contrasts with the roughness of the wall but connect with the copper pipe lighting fixtures displayed above each one of them.

The Bandol Restaurant bar copper lightingView in gallery

The Bandol Restaurant behind the barView in gallery

The bar area is visually interesting as well. Here, the designers used a series of 24 glass pendants of different shapes, sizes and types. These match the copper bar top and maintain a cohesive décor throughout while also balancing the palette of materials.

The Bandol Restaurant main dining areaView in gallery

The restaurant has aged oak flooring with a subtle rustic feel. Around the bar they used hexagonal concrete tiles. This way the bar section stands out in a rather subtle way.

The Bandol Restaurant lemon trees along the wallsView in gallery

The main dining area is a bright and airy space. A series of benches offer comfortable seating along the walls and the mirrors positioned along the right side of the space make this whole area feel larger.

The Bandol Restaurant olive treeView in gallery

But the focal point of the space is something completely different and unexpected: a large olive tree placed at the center. It sits under a skylight in order to benefit from plenty of natural light and its positioning helps define several distinct areas.

The Bandol Restaurant semi private cellar dining areaView in gallery

The restaurant has two semi-private dining spaces. One of them doubles as a wine cellar as is a cozy and intimate space with the same type of oak flooring seen in the main dining space and with walls made of brick and with a worn and authentic look.

The Bandol Restaurant wine cellar dining spaceView in gallery

The second semi-private dining space is behind the olive tree. Copper pendant lights offer it warm accent lighting and comfortable benches and chairs wrap around the round tables. In addition to the large olive tree at the center the designers also added a series of small lemon trees in simple pots. These are distributed throughout the restaurant to add a fresh touch to the décor.

The Bandol Restaurant second private dining areaView in gallery

The Bandol restaurant manages to welcome its clients and to stand out by using a rather simple strategy which is very well defined and applied. By using select materials and combining them as displayed here, the design team responsible for the project managed to create something unique.