Alphabet Poster

I know it sounds boring and almost a cliche, but kids grow up so fast that you can’t believe your eyes. Or maybe that happens because we, the parents, will always see them small and helpless, no matter how old they are. Any way, kids are very nice and cute when they are about to enter school or have just started it, when they have a glimpse on the world of numbers and letters, of science and books. And when they start reading they are about to discover what lies inside those book covers and the possibility to unveil that by themselves makes them so curious and passionate. So they want to learn the alphabet as soon as possible and keep asking their parents: What letter is this? This is when they want an Alphabet Poster in their room.

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This poster is interesting and simple, meant to be easy to learn and attractive for kids and also functional. It is an attractive poster in design and still an elegant accessory for the kids room, making it nice. It is featuring whimsically painted animals behind each letter, as kids love animals and this way, by associating each letter with an animal, they will learn faster and remember it in time. This is just a copy, but the original design of the poster belongs to graphic designer Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. The item is offset printed on archival cover paper and has a wooden frame. It can now be purchased for $135.