All-in-one Cube Furniture Offers You Everything You Need

The biggest concern for those living in tiny apartments is managing to fit all the furniture they need inside the house. It’s definitely not easy but, as long as you take a step back and think out of the box, the solutions will come to you. For example, when the owner of this tiny apartment moved in here decided to make his own furniture so he came up with a sketch for a cube design that would include a shelf for his vinyl collection, space for the TV and storage for clothes and shoes.

Cube living

It doesn’t sound revolutionary but the one that actually built the whole thing took care of that. The sketch was transformed into a stunning, multifunctional piece of furniture. It has a compact design and tons of storage space.

Cube living1

Cube living2

Cube living3

Cube living4

The TV has its own designated space on one side of the cube while adjacent to it there’s storage for clothes and shoes underneath. Around the TV there are shelves and compartments for books and for the owner’s collection.But this is not all. On top of this compact structure there is also a guest bed. It can be reached via a ladder attached to the cube.

Cube living5

Cube living6

Cube living7

Cube living8

Cube living9

Cube living10

So whenever a friend wants to stay over he can just climb the ladder and he finds his bedroom for the night. Also, there’s another secret to this compact piece. A door found next to the ladder lets you inside the cube where you find even more storage space.{found on behance}.