Accordion Cabinet

Cabinets are pieces of furniture that we use for storage, for placing things that are smaller or bigger and need to find them in one place. Normally these cabinets are made of wood and have two or more doors that open and allow you to have access to the things stored inside. However, sometimes furniture designers get imaginative and make up really original things. For example there’s a wooden cabinet that is called the Accordion Cabinet and not in vain. It really looks like an accordion.

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The inside shelves are covered with a very interesting “door” that can be stretched to cover everything or glides to the side to let you inside. It looks like a sliding door that is very similar in shape and model with an accordion , meaning that it has a basis made of fabric (some kind of lycra) on which the designer, Elisa Strozyk, glued some narrow pieces of veneer, allowing it to be very flexible, so to be stretched until it cover all the shelves inside. You can use this cabinet for books or for any other items you might want to store there and when you do not use it, just keep it closed and the “lid” will then cover the cabinet all around. The inside cabinet is rectangular and the base looks like a normal four legged rectangular table made of wood, so nothing out of the ordinary. The only unusual and remarkable feature remains the “accordion” cover.

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