A cozy Los Angeles condo with a green eclectic interior

The owner of this beautiful condo wanted to give it a makeover. She wanted a fresh start and she couldn’t have it if she were living in the same old apartment. So she decided to change the atmosphere. The condo is located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.The 1,700 square meter condo was completely redecorated. It was a project by interior designer Michelle Workman.

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The transformation was amazing. The designer was a little worried at first because her client wasn’t there during the renovation to see the gradual changes. However, because of that, when she came back after 6 months and saw the complete transformation the client was even more impressed than she would have been otherwise.

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The condo was completely redesigned. It now features an eclectic interior with traditional pieces sitting aside contemporary elements. The living room is very cozy and inviting and has a library-type feel. It features white walls, light wooden floors and different shades of green for the furniture. Some of the furniture was refinished and got new hardware, being almost unrecognizable. Some of the pieces were repurposed and some are new additions to complete the décor. The designer also used some handcrafted accent pieces to make the décor stand out. For example, the dining room features a very beautiful handmade branch chandelier.