A couple’s stylish first home in North End

This condo is located in North End, Boston, Massachusetts. It belongs to a couple that plans on raising their future children here. It’s their first home and their dream home as well. The condo wasn’t as dreamy from the beginning. At first, it seemed a little too dark, with only one window, it has orange walls and too many closets. The couple decided to remodel and redesign the apartment, thus turning it into the perfect home.

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They had to change the payout of the apartment and to redesign it in a way that would suit their lifestyle and needs. Since there were too many closets anyway, they decided to replace one of them with a series of shelves for books. They love to read so it seemed like a natural decision. They also added a custom wood-paneled entryway that would make the guests feel welcomed and the apartment seem warm and cozy right from the entry. The couple also installed two large sliding metal doors to hide the laundry area.

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As for the living spaces, they wanted an open floor plan. They restructured the condo and tried to keep the furniture to a minimum in order to make their wish come true. They managed to create an airy living area. It has no coffee table and no kitchen island but at least it’s a spacious area where they can move freely. The condo also got a large dining room with a table in the center. This space also serves as a work and play area. The condo is now a lovely family home and it turned out exactly how the couple wanted.{found on apartmenttherapy}.