8 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Organize Your Shoes!

Part of your closet organization is organizing your shoes. And unfortunately, getting your shoes all neat and tidy may be one of your hardest chores. You’ve got to make sure the nicer ones aren’t nicked and you’ve got to make sure your comfiest are the easiest to find. Not to mention the fact that most people seem to have more shoes than anything else in the house … pair that with the clutter shoes provide and you’ve got a problem on your hands (especially with smaller closets!). Here are some ways to get all those shoes in order, in a stylish way of course!

1. Recycle bins.

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Take something like “recycle bins” and turn them into nifty storage for your shoes! Mail drops could do the same thing. They’re enclosed and concealed from causing clutter!{found on younghouse}.

2. Pantries.

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When the shelves are slated, pantries can become instant shoe closets. Buy mobile pantries and use them specifically for more shoe storage. With this, everything will be much easier to organize and you can shoe off your favorite pumps and sneakers.{found on martha}.

3. Crates on the wall.

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Such a great idea for a foyer, garage or back door area. Organize and tidy up your shoes by using crates! On the walls or lined up on the ground, with different colors, crates are an easy way to keep neat with a bit of style too!

4. See the shoes.

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Even if you keep your shoe boxes for storage, it doesn’t exactly help. Buy see-through shoe boxes that can be stacked and organized but you can also seen which shoes are in which box. This makes it easier to find and a bit more contemporary in style.

5. Racks on the wall.

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Put your racks on the wall. It’ll be neat, easy to find and utilizes the space for more shoes! And more clothes in the closet of course.

6. Shoe hangers.

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Talk about a way to utilize space! Grab some old wire hangers and start hanging! Get your shoes off the floor and display them.

7. Bookshelves.

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I’m stealing this idea for myself and wondering why I never thought of it before. Bookshelves don’t take up too much space but they create so much for room for shoes! Especially if you share a closet with a loved one .. who loves shoes as much as you do!

8. Vintage ladders.

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Repurpose ladders and use them to organize and display your shoes! Talk about stylish.