6 Pretty Cottage Colors

A trendy topic and a fashionable way to start decorating for the new year is in a super cozy, super delicate cottage flavor. Dainty textures, floral patterns and white furniture, cottage décor is all about vintage-inspired, feminine touches. But let’s start with the basics, what colors should you paint the walls when giving your home a bit of cottage style?

1. Mint.

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With white kitchen cabinets or chocolate brown beds, mint walls give the room a healthy, fresh inspiration. It’s warm enough to keep cozy, yet light enough to keep a bit of cheer involved. Use in the bedrooms or kitchen for a quick revitalization. Just make sure you add a couple of mint accessories, like pillows or dishes, to give the room a conclusive feel.

2. Ecru.

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A soft, golden touch to the walls give any space a richer feel and more lively look. Perfect for the bathroom or hallways, ecru opens up the walls and gives the illusion of more space. It also pairs well with other pastel colors which are essential for a cottage-inspired home. Try dressing it up with some golds or making things a bit daintier by pairing it with some rose curtains or blue furniture pieces.

3. Aquamarine.

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Any shade of blue will have a calming effect, but aquamarine is also quite stylish. It’s lighter in looks so it fits the cottage theme, and it also looks incredible with greys and whites bouncing off of it. Use aquamarine in the living room for a soothing place to rest and to entertain your guests.

4. Blush.

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Perfect for the foyer, kitchen or bathroom, blush makes any space a little more pretty. It’s simple, sweet and great for mixing and matching fun accessories. Blush is one of the biggest inspiration for a cottage home, it looks great with fresh florals and incredible when used with the right pieces of neutral furniture.

5. Falu.

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For a bolder choice, try out falu. Like a traditional barn, this deep red looks great in dining rooms and living rooms. It’s warm, inviting and looks great paired with lighter neutrals. Although itself isn’t a lighter shade, falu works perfectly in a cottage setting as it’s reminiscent of the colors we typical compare to that on a farm.

6. Periwinkle.

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Soothing and refreshing, periwinkle takes the best part of blue and the riches part of purple and combines them to make a luxurious and rich hue. For a spa-like bathroom, cheerful porch or a wonderfully girlish bedroom, periwinkle is a great color for any house that wants a bit of cottage essence. Pair it with some white, wicker furniture or a big, white freestanding tub. Those lighter hues will pop right off these walls.

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