6 Easy Summer Centerpieces {Part 2}

Summer is here! And there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead for your summer BBQ’s and Sunday brunches. We’ve compiled a little taste of some hot, summery trends that will round out your table and add some style to any meal. Check out our picks for the best summer centerpieces and figure out how you’ll be creating some of your own! And don’t forget to take a peek at last year’s easy centerpieces either!

1. Green Apples.

Contemporary dining room flowers

All you need are some crisp green apples, pretty glass vases (funky shapes welcome) and some water! You don’t have to go bobbing for apples but this clean, modern design is great for a summer dinner get-together. Pair it with a black and white tablescape for a super contemporary feel or a fun, floral tablecloth for something more light and dainty.

2. Metallic Mason Jars.

Contemporary dining room flowers

For a updated look on a vintage-inspired piece, try painted some mason jars with metallic paint. You’ll be bringing a hit of summertime in with the right flowers but creating a vase for them that’s anything but ordinary. It’s inexpensive, easy and looks great indoors or even outdoors at a weekend BBQ!

3. Simple Herbs.

Contemporary dining room flowers

Clean and rustic. Simple and homey. Plant some herbs. Care for them so they grow and not only will you feel great for raising fresh herbs but you’ll have a interesting centerpiece for the breakfast nook! And if it’s, let’s say, rosemary, it’ll smell fantastic every morning! Just find the right wooden box to use as a planter.

4. Wheat Grass Daisies.

Contemporary dining room flowers

Pair some wheat grass and Gerber daisies for a lighthearted and flirty centerpiece. Of course, this looks great on the windowsill but it’ll look perfect out on the patio or paired in a cluster on the dining room table. It’s quintessentially summer and of course you can use other flowers as you like!

5. Carrots.

Contemporary dining room flowers

Yes, raw carrots can be stylish too. Go to the farmer’s market and stock up on carrots! Then find a square vase to place them into. It’s simple and sweet and delightfully unique! And again, incredible easy to create for yourself.

6. Just Tulips.

Contemporary dining room flowers

There’s something extremely elegant about tulips. And although they scream spring, they come in so many colors that they look incredible year-round and especially during the summer months where the sunlight shines in on them through the windows. Pick out your favorite vase and simply fill it up with just tulips!