6 Beautiful and Decorative Clocks

Clocks are responsible for all our everyday tasks and have become a vital part of our life.Only 2 months and the time for gifts its coming.Anyway along with contemporary furniture home decor clocks have become a central attraction in the room.There are a wide variety of ideas when you think about choosing beautiful and decorative clocks as a gift.

Keith Moore Pendulum Clocks

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Available for 144$, the Pendulum Clock for your wall has a flat white round frame with glossy white numbers surrounding a Plexiglas mirror. Pendulum in your choice of available colors.

Tiuku Standing Clock

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The Tiuku Standing Clock cost around 295$ and was designed by Ari Kanerva.This clock can be beautiful and elegant piece of furniture leaned against the living room’s wall too.

Shattered Clock

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At the first look this clock seems to be indecipherable but once you realize how to read it the clock immiately makes sense. The price tag for this clock is 2000$, a little expensive for an haotic clock design.
Wooden Wall Hangings Clock

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Made entire from wood, the Wall Hangings Clock was fabricated using a CNC-milling machine and completed by hand-cut leather. The combination of nature, craft, and industrial technology is inherent in my designs.More info on the designer site Stanley Ruiz .

The Continue Time Clock by Sander Mulder

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The Continue Time Clock its an limited edition because only 20 pieces will be made.The Time Clock works with two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks.Designed by Sander Mulder.

Mozia Clocks by Giovanni Levanti

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Designed by Italian Architect Giovanni Levanti for Diamantini & Domeniconi, this wall clock comes in a variety of colors and are characterized by a wide, thin and cone-shaped face housing, in an unusual relationship, the minute and the hour hands.