5 Ways To Use Vintage Doors

There are so many great uses for old windows, shutters and  … doors! From the hallway to the kitchen to your own bedroom, you can use repurposed doors for a lot of different accessorizing needs. And they fit different themes and visions too. Shabby chic, of course. Vintage, sure! But you can also use old doors for eclectic needs and in some modern-styled rooms too. These vintage pieces can be used for a plethora of wonderful, stylish DIY ideas. Stay a while and grab some inspiration from our finds!

1. Chalkboards!

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It’s easy, fun and you can put it in any corner of the house. Turn that old door into a chalkboard! Scribble down your favorite quotes as daily inspiration or use it in the kitchen to jot down today’s dinner menu, your favorite cake recipe or your grocery list! It’s easy to make and add a bit of playfulness to any space your choose.

2. Headboards!

Corner door decor

Take an old door, or two, and create a fun headboard. It add character and personality to a clean palette. It refreshes a simple space. It enhances a Victorian-inspired bedroom. And it’s unique! So, it makes your bedroom even more you than it was before you started the project. You may even want to paint the door a new, soft color and then de-stress the edges for even more style.

3. Tables!

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Yes, you can easily make your own table too. Whether it’s a coffee table or the top of a serving buffet, vintage doors are great for turning into decorative tables. It’s design-worthy and so much better than a boring glass-top side table or simple wooden dining room piece.


4. Pantries!

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Switch out your usual pantry door for one with more pizazz! If you have a simple, clean-lined kitchen, using a vintage door will add personality and pop to the kitchen. And it’s just more fun adding the extra surprise. Of course if you’re using a bunch of repurposed pieces in the kitchen, this idea will blend well too.

5. Accessories!

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If you’ve found a great door at a flea market or out in your thrifting adventures, grab it! Even if you don’t have a DIY project in your mind or have the need to make something out of it, doesn’t mean you can’t still use it. Just drop it off in the corner of the living room for an extra pop of color and character. Or just mount it on the wall in the hallway. Using these pieces as simple accessories is all you really need to do to be unique!