5 Ways To Organize The Laundry Room

Dryer sheets flying around, detergent spilling into little puddles and missing socks taking up space in every corner … the laundry room can turn in the messiest space in the house. But don’t fret, there are so many quick and easy ways to tidy it up and create a space that doesn’t cause you a headache. Take a look at our little ways to keep things neat and in the meantime peek at all of these beautifully organized and stylish laundry rooms for some inspiration.

1. Tuck away necessities.

Laundry room design

Boxes of soap powder and shout wipes aren’t the most fashion-forward of piece, and they cause too much clutter. So, you’ve got to find good ways to hide the necessary cleaning supplies. Whether it’s in the cupboards or in pretty, large glass jars, get creative. Label anything you can to keep supplies straight and create order to the inside of the cabinets.

2. Stay neutral.

Green accessories

Of course you can pick out bright colors to have a playful nook, but neutrals have order. If you keep the colors of the laundry room calm, it will create a sense of calm and help with the illusion of organization. Soft blues, creamy whites or even some serene greys work well with these type of spaces and look great in small areas.

3. Conceal what you can.

Traditional laundry room subway tiles

Yes, we’re tucking away necessities in cabinets but you can always hide away the washer and dryer too. If you don’t have a laundry room or closet, keep the corner concealed with a fun door or curtains. Just find a good tutorial to walk you through the steps and this can turn into a fun DIY project for you to try out.

4. Include a hanging rod.

Hang road

Somehow, some way, make sure you create space to have a hanging rod set up. Use it to hang clean clothes or shirts and pants that need to air dry. This will get the clothes up and off the floor and everyone will know to grab them and take them to the closet when they’re all fresh and clean.

5. Sort the dirty.

Orange walls for laundry room

Contemporary laundry room sort clothes

Traditional laundry room sort clothes

Grab some cute baskets and create some sorting totes! Whites, separates, colors and even a hand-wash basket will help to organize all those piles of clothes your family creates everyday. Just be sure they’re all labeled. It’ll help the cleaning process go smoother and be easier on the eyes.