5 Ways To Display All Your Cupcake Liners!

Whether you’re a baker or you dream of being one, it’s safe to say that many of us have just way too many cupcake liners waiting to be filled with delicious, moist scrumptious-ness. While they’re waiting to be filled, what do you do with them? Hide them in the back of the cabinets, making it even harder to remember to use them? Scrunch them up in plastic bags making it impossible for them to be used? Well, how about taking all those precious, festive liners and creating some functional decor? There are plenty of fun ways to display these cuties and not only will you remember to use them, but they’ll add a playful element to the kitchen that you didn’t have before!

1. Clear, Glass Jars.

Clear jars

I’ve done this in my own home because of its fun, cozy feel. All you need is a clear glass jar to make it happen. Then, just pile all your liners inside. It’s playful in style but you can actually see what you have, what you need and where the ones you want are to use. This is especially useful when you’re trying to find your seasonal liners.

2. Fun Flip-Lids.

Display cupcake

Slender, flip-lid cans are fun and functional! They can fit into any nook or cranny, they’re easy stuffed inside and you can still see your entire cute collection. You can also fun these cans in fun patterns and colors too!

3. Simple Set-ups.

Cupcake display

Whether in your baking pantry, glass windowed armoire or in the corner of your kitchen counter top, you can always create your own little cupcake liner set up. Design it yourself and just let it be. This is great for those that don’t have an out-of-control collection.

4. Homey Baskets.

Basket cupcake

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get extremely fancy with your display or storage. Instead, you can grab a basket and fill it up! Keep it atop the baking pantry or on the counter tops for a quick grab or a quick reminder. You can even add some paper plates or napkins to the mix too.

5. Flat Boxes.

Cupcake liners

Again, another way to easily store and display your amazing collection of cupcake liners. Place them inside and then stack the boxes anywhere you’d like. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of all the pretty colors and patterns, while still getting them away from the clutter and destruction of the typical pantry.