5 Unique Mudroom Ideas

What exactly is a mudroom you ask? Well, a mudroom is a place in the house to just unload. Coast, shoes, umbrellas, sports equipment, backpacks …. everyday necessities are just dropped off here for tomorrow’s use. But just because you’re dropping off all the dirty stuff of the day, doesn’t mean you can’t create a unique, stylish space to do the unloading in. Check out some of these easy to do and unique mudroom ideas!

1. Create Cubbies.

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If there’s just two of you in a house or five, cubbies are greatly needed for organization. If everyone in the family has their own personal space, then nothing is lost, cluttered or caught in the shuffle. Add a hook to hang up bags and a basket for muddy shoes. You may even want to label each section or paint each cubby a different color!

2. Add a chalkboard.

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For a little extra accessorizing and functionality, add a chalkboard! Write a message to remind the kids of homework or leave a loving note for your husband to find when he returns home from work. You can write out the week’s schedule so no one misses a meeting, practice or doctor’s appointment. Or, you can write down your grocery needs so you don’t forget what to grab at the store while you’re out for the day.

3. Blend it.

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If you’ve got a super contemporary, modern home, then create a mudroom that fits the bill. Or, if you have a vintage, cozy home, then create a mudroom that reflects that style. Not every space designed for comings and goings has to look the same. Instead, get creative while keeping your home’s vision in mind.

4. Clotheslines.

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Make sure there’s a space to hang up some of those wet clothes. Whether it’s a retractable clothesline or one that stays up all day long, this will most certainly come in handy. After a snowy winter day of sledding or some playing out in the rain, all you have to do is pin up those wet clothes to dry before you take them to the laundry.

5. Combo room.

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If you don’t have a space for a mudroom, then create one. Double up your laundry room as your unloading space too. It’s two-for-one deal. Your dirty clothes can go right in the washer and you can confine the mess to the one area of the house that can handle it. Try stackable washer and dryers to give yourself some extra organization too.