5 Tips to Jump-Start Organizing Your Garage

Organizing your garage is anything but fun. Pretty much as fun as hanging out with the cobwebs in the attic. But let’s face it. It needs to be done. You need to have room for your cars, your bikes and your lawn equipment. You need to be able to find your tools and not spend hours looking for them under recycle bins, trash cans and your cat’s outdoor bed.

Obviously the first step in organizing your garage is to get rid of all the useless items, all the broken gadgets and all the trash. That way you can make sure everything is clean and swept before the organizational process continues.

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Just remember a garage is not a place for you to put an accumulation of junk that you never use in. It’s not an extended trash can. And it’s not a place that should or can be neglected just because it’s technically outside the home. Remember it’s an extension of the home and should/can be just as stylish.

Try using some of these tips to jump-start and inspire your organization in that messy, cluttered, chaotic garage of yours.

1. Optimize your space.

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It doesn’t matter if you get rid of all the excess garbage in your garage or not, you’ll still have a lot to organize between your outdoor gear, tools and your kids’ sports equipment. So, it’s important that you utilize the space you have. Use different types of storage options to maximize what you’ve got. This is your chance to be creative and functional.

2. Peg boards.

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Using a peg board to display your tools is not only easy to do but will make your life easier afterwards. You won’t be searching for the wrench or the cross-head screwdriver since it’ll be right in front of you to grab when needed.

3. Use a trash can, for things other than trash.

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When I saw this idea, I not only thought it was a great (and admittedly adorable) way to stash those messier items but it’s a genius way to do it. So many times we stack mulch or sand on the ground, in half-open bags as it leaks everywhere. This way it’ll be less mess and less fuss.

4. Spice containers aren’t just for spices.

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Just like the trash can idea, this is functional and extremely stylish. Use those little containers we so often see used in the kitchen for nails and screws that we always seem to be losing.

5. Don’t store the bins. Use the bins!

Don't store the bins. Use the bins!View in gallery

I know that I have plenty of various size bins hidden around the house (and in the garage). Put these to good use. Just as long as you make sure each bin is use for a specific item (use a label maker) then it’s just another easy way to stay organized and de-cluttered!{all pics from bhg}.