5 Tips & Ideas For Organizing Your Makeup

We’ve given you the run down on stylish makeup organizers and now it’s time to put them to use with some tips on how to go about organizing your makeup, and not just using the cute contraptions.

Again, every woman I know has a lot of makeup. Even if you’re like me, and wear the same low-key makeup almost everyday, for some reason you still have too much makeup messing and cluttering up your vanity. And even if you wanted to actually use some of the other items you may have, they’re essentially hidden in a pile of unused lip gloss, eyeshadow and face powders.


Since we already know about some super stylish makeup organizers, it’s time for the tips! Check out these 5 tips and ideas to organize your makeup and in now time you’ll have a neat and tidy space!

And remember that the most important thing is to keep things clean when it comes to your makeup!

1. Throw out the old.

Every piece of makeup has some type of expiration date, so throw it out if it’s long overdue or mostly used up and messy. The first step is the clean up process and everything after is just fun! You really don’t need to be using years old lipstick and powder anyways!

2. Coordinate everything by type.

After you’ve clean the mess up, put everything into like piles. Lipstick with lipstick and eyeshadow with eyeshadow…. this is where the organization starts to kick in! And if you want to get real creative, organize by color too!

3. Clean your brushes.

Most brushes can be easily cleaned with shampoo and water. DO IT. Do it once a month to keep them clean and in great shape. After they’ve dried set them aside to be organized away from your makeup piles. Keep them in pouches or cute little displays, but also keep them as clean on possible so you’re not applying makeup and bacteria to your face everyday.


4. Avoid stacking.

Try not to stack your makeup on top of each other. Instead, lay it out neatly in drawers or whichever organizer you choose. When you stack, it makes things harder to find and then you’re not using all your makeup!

5. Keep your most used items separate.

Set aside your everyday makeup so it’s easy to find and get to on a daily basis. This way your not sifting and messing up your organization when you can’t remember where your blush is.