5 Stylish Makeup Organizers

Just like we did with our bedroom closets, before we divulge the secrets to getting all of your makeup organized, we’ll start with the tools first. Every woman I know has a lot of makeup. Even if you’re like me, and wear the same low-key makeup almost everyday, for some reason you still have too much makeup messing and cluttering up your vanity. And even if you wanted to actually use some of the other items you may have, they’re essentially hidden in a pile of unused lip gloss, eyeshadow and face powders.

Bamboo makeup organizer

But as we teach everyday on Homedit, it’s gotta be stylish, even your organizational tools. It’s great to be organized but it’s also great to be tidy and styled just right.

So check out our favorite stylish makeup organizers and decide which is best for you!

#1. Fill it and pot the brushes.

Bamboo makeup organizer

Whether coffee beans, rocks, crystal pebbles or even fragrant bath salts this is a super cute way to display and keep your makeup brushes clean and organized. Not to mention if you use something that smells great …like coffee beans… the organizer is doubled as aromatherapy for your room! It’s a two-for-one DIY!{found on newsvine.com}.

#2.  Magnetic Makeup Boards.

Bamboo makeup organizer

Super trendy around the blogs lately, this fun DIY project is fantastic for those who can never find their blush or bronzer. Try this DIY and see how fast you find your peach lip balm tomorrow. And ya want to know the plus side to the magnetic makeup board? It keeps your makeup off and out of your vanity or desk and creates you more elbow room for your and your hair products (because you know those need to be organized too!).

#3. Lip gloss bins.

Bamboo makeup organizer

Not only is this an adorabl idea, it’s also super easy to do. Find a fun bin and dump all your lip glosses, in a neat and organized way, facing downward so you can see each label. It’ll be really easy to find the perfect color this way!You can also do this with mascaras and eyeliners in smaller bins.{found on makeupandbeautyblog}.

#4. Stick on pods.

Bamboo makeup organizer

These are just plain awesome. Found in different shapes and sizes for all your different items, you just slap them on the inside of a cabinet door, on the wall or mirror. It’s a great way to organize, display and find your makeup!{found on stickonpods}.

#5. Showcase trays.

Bamboo makeup organizer

If you still want your makeup on top of your desk or vanity, try using a showcase tray to keep everything neat and tidy. You can find these at the Container Store, Target and Walmart for great prices and there are no rules when it comes to how your organized … just as long as you actually clean the space up of course. You can also find them in different sizes, shapes and colors!{found on outblush}.