5 inspiring ways of displaying your collections

Collecting objects is something we all enjoy at some point. We all have our passions and we like to share them with everyone else. So if you have a collection you should display it for everyone to see it. It can be anything, from toys to plates or bowling pins. Of course, simply having a collection of objects doesn’t necessarily make it interesting. It also needs to be displayed properly. So here are some ideas that might inspire you. We have selected five different types of collections that have been cleverly displayed.

1.Antique mirrors.

Bowling pins

Even though one is usually enough, mirrors are items that are not just functional but also beautiful as a decoration. They can make interesting elements for a collection. Antique mirrors are particularly beautiful. To create a visually appealing display you can opt for a contrasting juxtaposition. You can have the antique mirrors placed against a colorfully painted modern wall and the visual impact will be even greater.


Bowling pins


Toys can also make beautifully decorations. Even though they’re just kids’ toys, they have a different impact when they’re placed on a simple white shelf for example. Then they can really show off their beauty and enjoy a central place. When they’re thrown in a box with all the other things the kids play with they lose their identity. When displayed like this they regain it and become unique.

3. Kitchen utensils.

Bowling pins

Not everything you put on display has to be particularly artistic or uncommon. A collection can also be composed of kitchen utensils and tools. It’s not a collection to display in a gallery but it’s still a collection of object you often use and that should be put all together in a beautiful way. When arranged together on open shelves they really look different than in a cramped drawer. They would also make an interesting decoration for the kitchen.

4. Charcoal portraits.

Bowling pins

The most common form of art is painting. Paintings are also very common elements of a collection. In a reading nook or library, charcoal portraits would make a lovely display collection. They can all be displayed on walls and it they have similar styles they will create a wallpaper effect. It’s simple but it’s beautiful and the effect is very artistic. Moreover, the atmosphere will be really cozy.

5. Bowling pins.

Bowling pins

Some people have more trivial passions such as bowling. Just because it’s an activity perceived as less refined as painting or creating art this doesn’t mean it’s less important. Anything you like is important so you should be very proud of a bowling pin collection if you have one. You should find a nice place to display it such as a beautiful table, a mantle or any other space. The pins will have a sculptural effect and they look beautiful in any décor.