5 Colourful Shower Enclosure Ideas

If you are like most people then your bathroom will be the room in your home which receives the least amount of attention. Very rarely do we decide to spruce up our bathroom as we would say our living room or bedroom. However, it’s time to give your bathroom the TLC it deserves. And what better way to do so than with a colourful shower enclosure? Nothing sparks inspiration and ignites energy more than a vibrant colour or pattern does. Thus, read on to discover our top five colourful shower enclosure ideas…

Herringbone Tile Pattern.

Turquoise shower tiles

If you are loud and proud, let your shower do the talking by emulating this funky and fresh multi-coloured herringbone tile pattern in your bathroom. Nonetheless, if this enclosure is a little bit too wacky for your liking, then don’t worry. The design is one whereby you can incorporate as many or as little colours as you want to. A herringbone tile pattern in a mere colour, such as an apricot or sea green, can look as equally fantastic.

Colour Changing Tiles.

Turquoise shower tiles

If you want to impress your guests when they take a shower, then this is the way to do it. These tiles change colour when they come into contact with hot water, and as you can see the result is truly stunning. The tiles turn to a beautiful shade of blue / green, yet it is the shimmer finish which makes a real impression.


Turquoise shower tiles

The great thing about stripes is that not only will they never go out of fashion, but they are really easy to implement too. Large stripes tend to work better than smaller ones in the bathroom as they can make the space look bigger. You can opt for similar shades, as the enclosure in the picture does, or you can emulate the popular colour block trend via opting for two or three contrasting colours.

Coloured Glass.

Turquoise shower tiles

A coloured glass provides a fantastic way of incorporating vibrancy into your bathroom without having to completely change your shower enclosure. These are available in an array of beautiful colours and whilst they add energy and brightness to your room, they also bring class and elegance too – the perfect blend.

Mermaid tiles.

Turquoise shower tiles

And last but not least, when dealing with your bathroom space it is always good to play up to the association with water. These tiles have the appearance of mermaid scales and they are as creative as they are beautiful. The stunning shine of the tiles is only enhanced when the water trickles against their surface.

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