5 cleaning tools you should always have in your home

We rarely think about this but most cleaning tools have been around for years. The basic cleaning tools are those that are simple, inexpensive and that barely changed in our lifetime. These legendary tools include:

1. The broom.

The vacuum cleaner

Every house should have a broom. It is an object that comes in handy even before you move into the house. There are several types of brooms, each serving a specific purpose. For example, fiber brooms are great for surfaces like wood or marble white straw brooms are less gentle and are usually useful in outdoor spaces. What few people know is that the broom should be stores upside down so that the fibers don’t lose their shape.

2. The mop.

The vacuum cleaner

A while ago we used to clean our floor on our hands and knees. But ever since the mop was invented, this task is much easier. Like the broom, there are several different types: the string mop, useful for cement surfaces, spring mop and, of course, the self-wringing mop.

3. The rag.

The vacuum cleaner

They might not look fancy, but rags are very useful for cleaning anything from walls and floors to upholstery and appliances. Use something that absorbs water for better results. Cotton rags are particularly great for cleaning the windows.

4. The rubber gloves.

The vacuum cleaner

Some chores can’t be done without rubber gloves. Well, they can, but our hands would have to suffer. So don’t be brave and use them. They are particularly helpful when using harsh cleaners that irritate the skin or toxic substances. To make putting them on easier you can sprinkle some powder in the inside.

5. The vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the fanciest tool in our list. Yet, it’s so common. It’s difficult to imagine cleaning a rug or carpet without it. They make cleaning so easy and simple and they also help us save precious time. Also, vacuum attachments are great for cleaning blinds, walls, upholstery and many other things.