5 Chandeliers For 5 Different Styles

Chandeliers aren’t just for rooms filled with Victorian looks or high-class tastes, but if the room is styled correctly, can be fit for any theme or vision. And they give all different spaces a fun face-lift and add a whole lot of interest and pure lighting. So, let’s take a look at some different style chandeliers that can enhance and complement any type of room.

1. Ultra-feminine.

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This is one of the most obvious uses for a chandelier; to help create a girlish, feminine space. Whether it’s over the dining table, in your home office or even the new baby girl’s nursery, these pretty light fixtures give a whole lot of oomph to even the frilliest and pinkest of rooms. Find a chandelier that have a lot of sparkle. There are so many that have bright, dangling crystals, shining golds and silvers and even a pop of pastel color.

2. Modern.

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A modern look depends on clean lines and smooth designs. So, if you want to find the right chandelier to fit that type of space, you’ve got to find one that has a sleek, simple look. Crisp shapes and darker colors will add interest to the ceiling and great lighting, but won’t take away from the rest of the minimal-frilled household. Of course the dining room is always a great choice to place a chandelier, but with a modern theme, try out the foyer or over the kitchen island for a fashion-forward look.

3. Posh.

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For a high-class, ritzy and stylish look find something a little extravagant to display in the house. Make sure the space is big and wide enough to handle something with a larger shape. If you’re wanting a piece that wows and seems a bit over-the-top make sure the room is kept tidy and sleek. Then add a giant chandelier with a grandiose design as its light fixture. It’ll be a focal point that screams designer tastes and excellent style.

4. Eclectic.

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We live in a time where not all chandeliers look alike. Which is perfect for those of us with a more eclectic taste. Use funky shapes and even colors in your chandelier when trying to create a unique look to any room of the house. Whether it’s the breakfast nook or the living room, steer clear from sharp lines, instead go for something you’ve never seen before! Then add fun patterns, different textures and colorful accessories to the space to amp up the eclecticism.

5. Rustic.

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Whether you’re going for log cabin comfort or a country-chic room, rustic chandeliers can be found too. If you’ve got a space filled with organic textures, neutral shades with only a few traces of beautiful, pastel colors, then all you need is a rustic-inspired chandelier to top the room off right. And a lot of times, if you’ve styled the room to fit your vision, the chandelier will fit right in; remember to include woods, metals and rigid lines.