4 Ways To Create A Victorian-Style Tub

Romanticize your tub with a bit of easy sprucing. Whether it’s a simple garden tub or a claw-foot beauty, it’s easy to take something with such simplicity and make it a bit more fashionable or even elegantly Victorian. There’s something a little more special about a tub decorated in Victorian flavor than a simple, modern tub with nothing to enhance the atmosphere of your much needed Friday night bubble baths. Candles, aromatherapy … let’s take a look at how to take your simple little tub and turn it into a relaxing, sophisticated and stylish piece of the master bathroom.

1. A little paint can go a long way.

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Consider painting the base of the tub. Pastel colors work well when trying to evoke a Victorian, old-age feel. Creams, light yellows or even blush pinks will give it a bit of feminine flair and a relaxing essence. Pair it with golden walls or complimentary pastel wallpapered backgrounds to allow the tub to become the focal point of the bathroom.

2. Light fixtures create romance.

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Candles on some shelves or surrounding the corners of the tub are great for a bit of rest and relaxation, but if you really want to create the right type of atmosphere and Renaissance feel think about adding different light fixtures in the bathroom. Chandeliers that have a dial operator are great for enhancing and complimenting a Victorian theme. Keep the lights low in the evening and brighten them up when it’s time to put on your makeup Also, keep a bit of natural light peeking through throughout the day for an extra pop and sparkle from the chandelier.

3. Whimsy fabrics add extra charm.

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Dress your windows in flowing fabrics or create a canopy around the tub. This extra bit of ethereal whimsy will just create more of that Victorian feel while still being really pretty. It’s soft, light and extremely feminine. You may even want to add color to these pieces of cloth. Blush pinks and golds are great ideas. Or even try out some mint greens! It’s a great backdrop to any of these wonderful tubs.

4. Fresh flowers need to be sprinkled.

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There is something about fresh flowers that add natural, organic beauty. But there’s something about floral patterns that evoke a sense of Victorian femininity. So, it’s only natural to have some to freshen up the bathroom too. Instead of clutter every nook and cranny with nick-nacks that do nothing for the bathroom’s theme, sprinkle fresh flowers around the room for a delicate vibe.

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The biggest thing to remember when trying to enhance your tub is to remember every part of the bathroom. The tub should be your focal point so every piece of decor to emphasize that piece. Fabric draping, grandiose mirrors and playful, light colors are all pieces to creating a Victorian space! Now, check out these pretty bits of inspiration.