18 Workspace Inspiration Ideas

The most important thing about a workspace would have to be the user-friendly interior design. It’s important for a work space to feel inviting and pleasant. It increases productivity and it makes the user feel more comfortable and relaxed, thus more able to exercise his best qualities. We can always learn from inspiring projects featuring wonderful headquarters and offices but, in reality, we have to adapt a lot because we usually have a small space to work with in our homes.

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Add some plants for more freshness into the office

So what can you do to make that space more beautiful and friendly? Well, you could try to add a fresh touch to the décor. Maybe you could have some plants inside your home office. Have them mounted on the wall, on the windows or on the table/desk. But not everyone enjoys the company of plants. In such cases you can try to personalize your work space. For example, choose a theme and maybe get some posters or wall decorations.

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Adapt the décor to the type of work you do

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Personalize your workspace with wall decorations and accessories
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Be organized and make sure you have plenty of storage space
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Try to keep the décor simple, especially in a tiny space
Lighting is important so make sure you have a table lamp
You can have a multifunctional work space so keep the décor flexible
Storage is important so be creative and clever in finding solutions
Open shelves are always practical and great for storage and display
In a small space, keep the décor simple and bright with small bursts of color
Wooden furniture and décor features make a space feel more cozy and inviting
An attic work space is a wonderful idea for more than one reason
Keep it classical and opt for a black and white décor
Your work space can also be a small portion of the living room

You also have to be practical and to think like a professional. So always place your laptop or computer close to the socket. This is something you decide in the early stages when you decide on the distribution of the furniture in the room. Try to create a productive and inspiring décor. Of course, it all depends on the type of work you do so keep in mind that everything is relative and can be adapted.