10 Simple Snowmen Ideas for your Holiday Décor

The Snowman. What an iconic winter figure. He has the potential to be so minimally simple or delicately ornate, which allows for all sorts of interpretation and creativity when incorporating snowmen into your holiday décor. One fantastic characteristic of snowmen as objects of seasonal décor is that they make wonderful decorations for the holidays…and they add a cheerful face to last you during the long cold winter months following.

Burlap twine snowmen

Here are some ways you can create and/or incorporate cute and stylish snowmen into your décor this winter. Check them out quick, before they melt away…

Grapevine Wreath Snowman.

Grapevine snowman ornament

I’ll be the first to admit to being a sucker for almost anything mini-sized, and this little DIY snowman ornament is no exception. Using some glue, some small (2” and 3”) grapevine wreaths, and a bite-sized hat and scarf kit, you could throw this adorable ornament together in no time. Such a simple and classic silhouette.

Wine Cork Snowman.

Cork snowman

The perfect décor for your bar or basement kitchenette, this moustache-wearing snowman out of wine corks is quirky and fun. I imagine you could replicate him with some Styrofoam balls and plenty of corks of your own.

Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen.

Snowman terracota

You don’t need a lot of materials – or even have to be an artist – to create these fun-loving snowmen for your holiday décor. A bit of paint, ribbon, and an old sweater sleeve will do the trick. Oh, and some pom-poms…because the last thing anyone needs is a snowman with frozen ears.

Metal Spring Snowman.

Recycle buttons

This clever use of vintage mattress springs opens up doors of possibilities. Of course, the snowmen are adorable (I love the button fronts, in particular), but you could even transfer this idea to create Christmas trees or angels or any number of other thematic decorations.

Vinyl Cloth Snowman.

Front door snowman

Using vinyl in home décor has the very real potential of looking somewhat tacky-homemade, but this vinyl snowman door decoration proves that the opposite can be true as well! Camouflaging the snowman’s sides with long needled pine boughs, the happy snowman looks naturally cheerful and inviting.

Wooden Block Snowmen.

Recycle burlap

This endearing trio of snowboys is just about enough to melt your heart. All you need is some painted (and minorly distressed) chunks of 2×4, some burlap, and twine. Paint the faces, wrap everything up, and you’ve got yourself a trio to light up your space.

White Felt Snowmen.

Snow diy

Soft, sweet snowmen. What’s not to love? Little stocking caps (sweater sleeves tied with string) and scarves on these little guys made of white felt or fleece make for a cozy visual snowy decoration.

Pom Pom Snowman Garland.

Pompom garland

Nothing says “winter” like a snowman garland. You can use any number of materials to make a garland – paper, fabric, clothespins, and…pom poms! These little guys are so cute, and you can color-coordinate their scarves and customize the length of the garland to your heart’s content.

Family of Snowmen for the Mantel.

Interior snowman decor

Speaking of mantels…how about making it a family affair? Take a whole family of snowman (they needn’t be coordinated exactly) and create a home for them on your mantel. Here amidst a variety of greenery, the white snowmen provide a pop of light-n-brightness to the vignette.

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