Difference between living room and sitting room

When we discuss about living room and sitting room, the first thing that strikes most of us is that there is no difference between them. Most of the people tend to believe that sitting room and living room are synonyms of each other. In addition, some people also tend to point out that sitting room is an old term that used in the earlier times, whereas a living room is a term used in today’s advancing and contemporary world.

Well, the fact cannot be denied that living room and sitting room are almost alike and similar. In fact, if you look up a dictionary or search over the web, you will conclude that they mean the same. Although a living room and sitting room may have a lot of similarities but there also exists a lot of difference between the two terms.

A living room is one of the largest rooms of a house that is generally used for entertaining the guests and visitors. A living room is closer to the front door and is known to stress highly on class, style and taste. A seating space is generally provided in a living room through the introduction of sofa sets. Living room also houses various other decoration pieces that add on to the ambience of the room such as a center table, portraits hanged on walls, niches created in the walls for displaying show pieces, hanging cupboards, piano and other novelty and rich items.

On the other hand, sitting room is a small room in comparison to the living room and is usually used by the owner and his family members for their personal activities. Sitting room is generally not near the front door and is accommodated in the other parts of the house. Sitting room stresses more on comfort. As a result, it is known to house comfortable chairs and couches so that the users can comfortably indulge in varied activities such as reading, playing or talking for prolonged hours. Sitting room is not known to feature decorative items but may feature an entertaining set such as a television, music system, computer system, etc.

To conclude, it can be said that living room in a house is generally provisioned for formal and quiet activities involving guests and visitors and sitting room is generally used as a recreation room for casual activities of the family.

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