Decorate your home with indoor plants

If you want to decorate your home in a natural way and infuse a fresh style then there cannot be any other better option than indoor plants. Indoor plants are ornamental décor items that are known to add a splash of green color to a neutral space and also improve the air quality of the room. You can place them in empty corners, windows sills, shelves or as center pieces or room dividers. There is a myriad range of indoor plants available in the market that is known to suit every style. The most remarkable feature of indoor plants is that they happily grow in all areas, whether small or big along with whatever conditions of warmth and light you provide.

Here are some general guidelines for decorating your home with indoor plants –

– Firstly, you need to choose a room that you wish to decorate with indoor plants. Indoor plants look stunning in all parts of a house. You may decorate your kitchen area, bathroom area, entrance, or living room.

– You need to select a plant friendly space in the chosen room. Avoid placing the plants near a fireplace, heater or in a cold and drafty space. Assure that the chosen spot receives plenty of sunlight in order to promote a healthy photosynthesis process.

– Thirdly, you need to decide on the type of indoor plant. There is a wide variety of indoor plants available in the market. However, you should select a hardy plant that can thrive in indoor conditions. Popular indoor plants are Aloe Vera, bamboo palms, cactus, bonsai, paper whites, begonias, geraniums, cactus, ivy and philodendrons. If you are decorating the kitchen area then herb plants such as oregano, thyme or basil will be an ideal selection, whereas if you are decorating your bathroom then any green leaf plant placed in terracotta pots will create a spa like look.

– The indoor plant must be placed in a decorative pot in accordance with the overall décor and ambience of the room. If your bedroom features an artistic look, then you could settle for hand painted ceramic pot. For a modern and sleek look, a shiny silver or matte black pot shall work amazingly. Glass pots also look very elegant in living rooms or dining areas.

– Use multiple plants and that too in varied sizes. For an interesting look, place a number of odd plants in a corner.

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4 Responses to “Decorate your home with indoor plants”

  • Emma says:

    What is the plant called in the first picture?

  • Jenn says:

    Can you please tell me what kind of tree/plant is in the top photo? It’s amazing and I can’t seem to identify it?

  • Shivika says:

    this article was very helpful. Like the people above, can u please tell the name of the plant in first picture ?


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