Before and After: An Outdated Room Becomes a Colorful Craft Room

The global crisis seemed to affect many countries and the whole world is in search of all kinds of solutions to pass this situation. It is a hard moment when you a job is very hard to find, people cannot pay their debts on time and many firms seem to become bankrupt. The key word for these crucial moments seems to be “budget”. Everybody needs to take care of their own “budget” so that nothing can go wrong and cause them other severe problems.

An Outdated Room Becomes a Colorful Craft Room

Rebecca is also a person who is affected by the idea of budget. The only money she has are the $75 that she has used it successfully in transforming an empty outdated room into an attractive craft room. The outdated, wood-paneled room became a colorful and enjoyable craft room due to some cheap materials that were restored and Rebecca’s imagination and creativity.

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She used some black paint from garage, a dresser bought with $25, a pie safe thing that which had the same price of $25, a dresser from the alley, a desk available for $20, a lamp of $5, a white board and an old crate from work that became a ribbon storage .All these materials were reconditioned by Rebecca who loves DIY projects. She was amazed by the final result as you can clearly see from the pictures.{found on olderandwisor}

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Posted in DIY Projects on October 31, 2011

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