4 Quick Tips For Painting Hardwood Floors

So you’ve decided to do the taboo deed of painting your hardwood floors. Now what? Did you do it right? How do you mesh the fresh paint into your home’s decor? Well, we’re here to give you some inspiration and a few quick tips on all of the above.Although sleek hardwood floors have been “the thing to do,” it’s now even more popular to bring in a pop of color. But this isn’t an original idea.

Even though clean hardwood has been the trendiest choice for a while, a few centuries ago it was quite fashionable to layout a new patterns, colors or designs on those oak floors.  Nothing too over-the-top or scary, but something that will indeed still be sleek and chic. Offices, craft rooms and kitchens are the most in-demand floor makeover selections, but if you’re bold enough, we say try what your heart desires!

#1. Choosing the right color.

If you’re going to be daring, do not go overboard in color. Choose something that will compliment what’s already there and meld back into the space’s decor. For example, if you’ve got a brighter kitchen with white cabinets try a light blue or a warm, minty green.{found on pinterest}.

#2. Choosing the right room.

I suggest you don’t go painting every floor of your house a new color, or even the same color. Make sure you’re choosing the right room to make this change. A craft room with a beautiful yellow hue or a dining room with a gray splash could all be divine, but slapping on green paint to every footstep of your home could become a true interior design disaster.

#3. Choosing a design that works.

If you’ve got the skills or know someone who does, a design painted onto those floors could be the key to the ultimate room resurgence. A great design like these in a sun room, enclosed patio, reading room or breakfast corner could be absolutely adorable in the right space. (*Note: there are stencils for these type of work!)

#4. Why should you paint?

Painting your hardwood floors is not the simplest task, but it is on the more inexpensive side. Meaning it will be less expensive than redoing an entire floor if the wood isn’t looking as nice as it did years ago. It’s a great way to bring life back into the oaks and not break the bank.

Check out some quick tips here and get step-by-step instructions on painting your own hardwood floors!{pictures from pinterest and hgtv}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on May 17th, 2012


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