Xenia Taler Butterfly Tile Tan & Blue

Most people use ceramic tiles for the walls or floors of their kitchens and bathrooms. This is very useful and this habit has been inherited from the most ancient times, ever since the Romans spread their culture and civilization all over the world. Just imagine how nice your bathroom would look if you used one or two rows of this Xenia Taler Butterfly Tile Tan & Blue in your home. You would have to use light blue tiles for the rest of the room and it would look amazing, just like you were in heaven or in the sky, surrounded by flying butterflies. Great design and wonderful picture in my head.

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However, this beautiful design gives me some other ideas, so I will share them with you. You could also use this butterfly tile as a coaster or for placing your hot pot on the kitchen table. You can use it as decoration for the kitchen table or use it as table top for a DIY table. You can also place it on the mantlepiece or maybe glue it to the wall and this will bring a bit of freshness to your home. It is hand painted and can be purchased for $29.40.