How to Get a Classic Look With a White Front Door

A white front door may not get the prize as the most flashy front door color option, but it has the distinct advantage of always being stylish. This explains why white front doors are among the most popular choices when people are deciding what color to paint this prominent home feature.

Choosing a White Front Door

White front door meaning

Unlike faddish colors that come and go, a white front door like a black, green or blue door, is a timeless and classic option. You will be able to keep your door white for many years to come and it will still look fresh and new. White is a versatile option for front doors of any style. This color blends with diverse color schemes and works with a variety of landscapes and natural surroundings. White front doors have the effect of creating an optical illusion when paired with a similar color on the exterior of the home. White front doors can also help boost your home value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

A white front door will not appeal to everyone. Because it is a classic and traditional choice, white doors will not make your home stand out from the crowd. White doors also tend to be more maintenance than dark front doors because they readily show dirt and grime and need to be cleaned regularly. White front doors may not provide enough visual contrast with your home to create the statement that you want.

White Front Door Meaning

White front doors symbolize freshness and purity. They often appeal to people who value tradition and elegance over ever-changing trends. In feng shui design, white represents the metal element. Connected with energy that represents precision, clarity, and focus, you can paint your front door white to support your intention to attract more of these qualities in your life.

How to Choose a Paint Color for a White Front Door

Choosing a white paint color is not as easy as it may seem. You must consider the surrounding colors on your home’s exterior. You must also factor in the undertones of the paint color and the natural light your door receives throughout the day.

  • Surrounding Colors – Unless you are planning to change all of your home’s exterior features and colors, you need to factor in the color of these elements when choosing a white paint color for your front door. Look at your home’s siding, trim, roof, and landscaping. Consider the colors as well as the undertones of these items. If these colors are warm, choose a white paint color with warm undertones; if they range toward the cool end of the color spectrum, a cool white will complement them better.
  • Undertones of the White Paint – Although white may appear to be a neutral color, all white paints have warm or cool undertones just like other colors. Cool whites have blue, green, or purple undertones. These whites work best with other cool shades and look modern and fresh. Warm whites have red, brown, or yellow undertones. These whites have a more relaxed and comfortable appearance.
  • Natural Light – Sunlight washes out color, so the more natural light your door receives, the lighter and brighter it will appear. Be sure to test the color on your door before painting it. Consider the color at all times of the day to be sure you like the way it looks.

Best Paint Colors for a White Front Door

Best Paint Colors for a White Front Door

Here are some of the most popular white paint colors that work well for exterior spaces like front doors.

Snowbound (7004) from Sherwin Williams

Snowbound is a cool and creamy white paint color from Sherwin Williams. This white paint has gray undertones, so it pairs well with other cool colors and neutrals. With an LRV of 83, it is bright, but it has some gray shading that mutes the starkness of the white.

Cozy White (3008-10C) from Valspar

Cozy white is a warm white with yellow undertones. This color looks cream but it lightens when used outside. This is an ideal color if your front door area receives sunlight throughout the day. This color will appear white but will remain creamy even in bright light. It has an LRV of 79.

Simply White (OC-117) from Benjamin Moore

Simply White is a white with a slight warm yellow undertone. This paint color appears white in the sunlight, but the warmth of the color gives it a more relaxed look than cool white hues. It has an LRV of 89, making it one of the brightest whites on this list.

White Duck (7010) from Sherwin Williams

White Duck is a creamy white with balanced undertones in beige and gray. This is one of the “darkest” of the whites on this list. The LRV for this paint is 74, which puts it in the off-white category. This color will wash out and appear white in bright daylight.

Chantilly Lace (OC-65)from Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors for interiors and exteriors. This is a cool white with slight green undertones. This is ideal for a house with a shady front door. It has an LRV of 90 making it the brightest in this list of whites.

White Front Doors Ideas

We have gathered some contrasting examples of where designers and homeowners have used a white front door to maximize their home’s visual impact.

Contrasting Color Exterior Color Scheme

Contrasting Color Exterior Color Scheme
Norris Architecture

White front doors can look stunning when paired with a contrasting color scheme like a dark color or natural material exteriors like brick, natural wood, or stone.

Modern White Front Door

Modern White Front Door
Fiona Susanto

The sleek and spare style of modern homes works flawlessly with the aesthetic of a white front door.

Monochrome Color Exterior

White front door color

Using a monochromatic color palette is one way to visually expand your front door space as the definition between the door and siding is less visible.

Simple Backdrop

White front door meaning
Luigi Rosselli Architects

A white background created by a white front door and exterior will allow your porch accessories and door hardware to stand out.