Metal Element in Feng Shui Design

The metal element is one of the five fundamental elements in Feng shui practice. Feng shui design endeavors to use the five elements of metal, wood, fire, earth, and water to create a balanced and harmonious environment in order to promote the positive flow of energy known as “chi.” Too much or too little of these elements can cause an imbalance leading to restlessness and anxiety.

Metal element

Feng shui practice associates the metal element with clarity, strength, and resilience but also with rigidity and harshness. Creating the right balance of the metal element will promote its positive qualities so that you don’t generate the negative aspects of this element.

About the Metal Element

Like many of the other feng shui elements, metal exhibits both yin and yang qualities depending on the type of metal symbol that you utilize. The metal element has predominant yin characteristics, meaning that it is receptive, sensitive, and passive in nature. Yet, metal also has yang qualities that make it stronger and more aggressive. Depending on which metal symbol you use, you can promote either the yin or yang characteristics of metal.

Metal Symbols That Represent Yin Energy

Use these metal element symbols to promote receptive and adaptable yin qualities.

  • Wind Chimes – Wind chimes produce a soft and quiet sound, which promotes calmness and serenity.
  • Metal Picture Frames – Picture frames of metal will promote yin energy because of their association with emotion and memory.
  • Flowing Metal Sculptures – The delicacy and beauty of flowing metal sculptures promotes adaptable yin energy.

Metal Symbols That Represent Yang Energy

These strong metal element symbols will promote yang energy that is active and dynamic.

  • Swords – Swords made of metal activate the yang energy of the metal element. In feng shui practice, people use them to cut through negative energy and bring clarity to a space.
  • Coins – Metal coins are a symbol of wealth and abundance. They attract prosperity and good fortune.
  • Angular Metal Sculptures – Bold and angular metal sculptures signify strength and power.
  • Metal Tools – Metal tools such as hammers and screwdrivers represent active energy. In feng shui design, practitioners use these as a way to bring order and structure to a space.

The Metal Element and the Bagua Map

The bagua map is a tool in feng shui design that separates your space into distinct areas that correspond with a particular area of your life. The Western bagua map divides the area into nine sections. Each section also corresponds with one of the five elements. The areas that the Western bagua associates with the metal element are the front right area symbolizing travel and helpful people and the right middle area symbolizing children and creativity.

While it is important to balance the use of the metal element in each area of the home, the metal element is particularly effective in these areas. In the area of travel and helpful people, you can use metal to bring more clarity to decisions involving travel or precision and structure in relationships with mentors. Likewise, use metal to help generate strength in your children or to create clarity in your creative pursuits.

Qualities and Practices Connected to the Metal Element

Feng shui tradition associates the metal element with distinct qualities and practices of our life. Use metal symbols to increase the positive energy in these areas.

  • Clarity and Focus – The presence of metal elements can help to bring clarity and focus, making it easier to concentrate and complete tasks.
  • Precision and Order – Metal elements are useful in creating more precision and structure in many areas including personal growth and education.
  • Letting Go – The metal element is helpful when you are beginning a new phase of life and need to transition by letting past habits and practices go to create new space for transformation.
  • Developing Mentors – Use the metal element to attract support from people who can mentor and nurture you in your personal growth and development.
  • Success and Career – The presence of the metal element can provide structure and clarity as you move toward your goals of the future.
  • Children and Creativity – Use the metal element to bring more structure and clarity to creative pursuits and those that deal with children.

Colors and Shapes That Represent the Metal Element

Feng shui tradition associates particular colors and symbols with the metal element. Use these to promote metal energy in your spaces.

  • Colors – Represent the metal element with white, gray, and metallic colors like silver and gold.
  • Shapes – Shapes like circles, rounded edges, and spheres represent the metal element.

The Metal Element in the Constructive Cycle

The five feng shui elements exist in relationship with one another, creating balance by each supporting another. In the constructive cycle, the metal element is supported and nourished by the earth element. This means that you can enhance your metal energy with the introduction of earth symbols like pottery, natural stone, crystals, and yellow and brown decor.

In its turn, the metal element supports the water element. Use metal symbols like wind chimes, sculpture, and other metal decor to promote water characteristics like flexibility and calmness.

The Metal Element in the Destructive Cycle

The five elements also work to counteract or weaken each other. The fire element weakens the metal element. Use fire symbols like candles, fireplaces, triangular symbols, and red and orange to weaken the metal element in your space if there is an excess of this energy. Be careful of adding too much fire energy to the metal areas on the bagua map. Feng shui practitioners believe that this can cause a quick movement of energy creating instability.

Metal also serves to weaken the wood element. Use metal to decrease wood energy if you notice excessiveness, impatience, lack of grounding, and conflict.

Excess of the Metal Element

Strive for balance in all the feng shui elements. Even an overabundance of positive qualities that we associate with metal can cause negative results if there is an imbalance. Seek to lessen the metal element within your space if you see these qualities manifest.

  • Rigidity and Inflexibility – Feng shui practice associates the metal element with structure and strength. An excess of this element can lead to an overemphasis on rules and order.
  • Harshness and Criticism – We relate the metal element to precision. Too much of this will create an overemphasis on perfectionism and a focus on flaws and mistakes.
  • Isolation and Coldness – Feng shui practitioners relate metal to strength. A belief that you are stronger than everyone around you can cause you to isolate and generate cold feelings between people.
  • Excessive Materialism – We use the metal element to symbolize careers and the future. Too much metal energy will lead us to focus on accumulating wealth and possessions at the expense of other valuable pursuits.

The Metal Element in Home Design

There are creative ways that you can add symbols that represent the metal element and bring more of this energy into your home.

Metallic Decor

metalic feng shui element trough lamps

Use metallic decor throughout your space including dimensional wall features, light fixtures, candle holders, sculpture, and decorative bowls in order to symbolize the metal element. Any color metal will work including gold, brass, silver, and nickel.

Use Metal Colors

White And Gray Decor

To create more metal energy, use colors that symbolize metal including white, gray, and metallic tones. White does not look as stark when you balance it with warm textures like wood.

Circular Objects

Circular objects

Incorporate circular objects to amp up the positive energy of metal. One of the best ways to do this is with a circular coffee table, which often provides a new shape to the living room design.

Wall Art

metal element by using colors

Use wall art that signifies the metal element by using colors like white and gray and also symbols of metal including circles and rounded edges.

Metallic Fabric

Metalic fabrics

You can also incorporate metal energy into your space with the addition of metallic fabrics. Use patterns woven with metallic threads on curtains, throw pillows, and bed comforters.

Wind Chimes

metalic element

Wind chimes are helpful for bringing the metal element to an area; they also have a soothing and calming sound that nurtures your soul.