Meters to Yards Calculator – m to yd

Convert meters to yards using the converter below. We’ve also provided a meters-to-yards formula you can complete on your own.

Convert Meters(m) to Yards(yd)

Type a value in the Meters(m) field to convert the value to Yards(yd):

There are 0.9144 meters in a yard. To convert from meters to yards, multiply your meters’ value by 1.09361.

Yards = Meters x 1.09361

meters to yards

Reference the table below for the most common meters-to-yards conversions.

Meters [m]Yards [yd]
1 m1.09 yd
2 m2.19 yd
2.5 m2.73 yd
4 m4.37 yd
5 m5.47 yd
6 m6.56 yd
8 m8.75 yd
10 m10.94 yd
12 m13.12 yd
15 m16.40 yd
18 m19.69 yd
20 m21.87 yd
25 m27.34 yd
30 m32.81 yd
35 m38.28 yd
40 m43.74 yd
50 m54.68 yd
55 m60.17 yd
75 m82.02 yd
80 m87.49 yd
106 m115.95 yd
120 m131.23 yd
150 m164.04 yd
170 m185.93 yd
175 m191.41 yd
180 m196.85 yd
200 m218.72 yd
250 m273.40 yd
300 m328.08 yd
350 m382.77 yd
400 m437.45 yd
420 m459.32 yd
450 m492.13 yd
460 m503.54 yd
500 m546.81 yd
550 m599.79 yd
600 m656.17 yd
650 m711.86 yd
750 m820.21 yd
800 m874.89 yd
900 m984.25 yd
1100 m1201.18 yd
1200 m1312.34 yd
1500 m1640.42 yd
1800 m1968.50 yd

Meter vs. Yard: What’s the Difference?

  • Yard symbol: yd
  • Meter symbol: m

A meter is an SI, or metric system, unit that measures distance. A yard also measures distance but is from the British Imperial or United States Customary System. The United States uses the yard as a measurement, while most other worldwide countries use the metric system and, therefore, the meter.

A meter and yard similar in length:

  • A meter contains 39.37 inches
  • A yard contains 36 inches
  • There are 100 centimeters in a meter
  • There are 91.44 centimeters in a yard
  • A meter equals 3.28 feet
  • A yard equals 3 feet

In the United States, the yard measurement is less prevalent than feet and inches. It’s mainly used to measure construction or building materials, football fields, soccer fields, and fabric.

In countries that use the metric system, the meter is a common measurement. Meters can measure the length or width of a room, furniture, tv screens, and in real estate listings, the square meter measures area.

Example: Converting Meters to Yards

If you need to convert 25 meters to yards, here’s how to do it.

Yards = 25 meters x 1.09361

27.34025 Yards = 25 Meters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is a meter bigger than a yard?

A meter is slightly bigger than a yard. One meter equals 1.09 yards.

What’s the difference between 50 meters and 50 yards?

If we convert meters to yards, 50 meters is the same as 54.6807 yards. If we convert both measurements to feet, 50 meters equals 164.04 feet, and 50 yards equals 150 feet.

What are some items that are about one yard long?

Examples of items that measure about one yard include the width of a door frame, three rulers, a golf club, or the length of a bike.

Do you buy mulch in yards?

Most mulch comes in the cubic yard. A cubic yard measures area and is a cube where all sides are one yard long.

How many yards and meters are in one mile?

A mile contains 1,760 yards or 1609.34 meters.