Update Your Home’s Style With a Sage Green Front Door

A sage green front door has become the darling of home influencers all over the internet, but not without good reason. The popularity of sage green front doors has a deeper explanation than just the fact that they are trendy.

Meaning of a Sage Green Front Door

Sage green doors can connect the home to the present moment but maintain a timeless chic, unlike other trendy front door color options. Sage green front doors are a way to present a calm and welcoming presence to the world. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, sage green brings an earthy, balanced, and inviting presence to your home.

Qualities of a Sage Green Front Door

Sage green is a muted gray-green that resembles the color of the herb, sage. It has distinct qualities that make it a favorite door color choice.

  • Timeless – Muted green colors like sage green have been used on front doors for centuries. It is both a current and classic choice that is sure to wear well for years to come and is safer than other trendy colors like pink and orange.
  • Versatile – Sage green comes in a wide variety of depths and hues. You can be sure to find a sage green that works well for front doors on traditional as well as modern home styles.
  • Serene – Sage green has prominent gray shading that creates an overall soothing color.
  • Inviting – Sage green front doors have an approachable and inviting quality that makes visitors feel welcome.
  • Earthy – Sage green is a color that is inspired by nature, so sage green front doors provide your home with a tangible connection to the surrounding environment.

Meaning of a Sage Green Front Door

Shades of green have been popular on front doors for centuries. This is in part due to our deep affinity with the color green. Humans value green because it is the color that surrounds us in the natural world. Shades of green have deep cultural significance throughout the world. Sage green and other shades represent growth and vitality. It symbolizes new beginnings for people who want to start new enterprises. Green has calming and restorative qualities, so it also represents health and wellness.

In Islam, green is a sacred color that symbolizes paradise because of the lush gardens that are believed to await believers in the afterlife. In Chinese belief systems like feng shui, green represents the wood element which signifies qualities of growth, vitality, and flexibility. Green front doors are optimal on east-facing houses to preserve and attract positive energy.

Tips for Adding a Sage Green Front Door

Unlike painting the exterior of your home, the work of painting a front door is an easy weekend project. Here are some ideas for incorporating a sage green front door into your home’s design.

  • Pair a sage green door with neutrals – Many homes feature neutral color palettes like white, cream, beige, or gray. These are all good foundations for a sage green front door.
  • Pair with natural materials – Sage green, like other green hues, is part of the natural world. Sage green front doors look stunning on homes with natural textures including homes with claddings including brick, stone, and wood.
  • Pair it with earthy tones – Sage green looks stunning with earthy colors like brown, tan, ochre, and russet reds/oranges.
  • Add other sage exterior elements – Sage green is also an option for painting interior window trim and shutters if you want to extend the color of the front door on your home’s exterior.
  • Experiment to find the right sage green color – Sage green, like all colors, has a wide variety of hues. Some sage greens have cool undertones while others have warm undertones. You should try different sage green options in all lighting to find a sage that will work with your home. In general, it is best to pair a sage green with a warm undertone with a warm exterior color scheme. The same is true for a cool sage green. Pair these with cool exterior colors like blues, grays, and cool whites.

Best Sage Green Front Door Paint Colors

Best Sage Green Front Door Paint Colors

Be sure to test the sage paint color you like in the area of your front door and study the color throughout the day.

Mizzle (No. 266) from Farrow & Ball

Mizzle is a soft gray-green with blue undertones. This color will lighten or darken according to sunlight exposure.

Saybrook Sage (HC-114) from Benjamin Moore

Saybrook Sage is a soothing aloe shade with brown undertones. It does have gray shading, but it will read as more clear than other sage paint options. It has an LRV of 45.

Evergreen Fog (9130) from Sherwin Williams

Evergreen Fog is a sage green with a subtle blue undertone. This color has significant gray shading, so it looks sophisticated and subtle. It has an LRV of 30.

Green Smoke (No. 47) from Farrow & Ball

Green Smoke is a mid-toned gray-green with a slight warm undertone. This color has a depth that stands up well to bright sunlight.

Taiga (9654) from Sherwin Williams

Taiga is a medium to dark sage green with blue undertones. The gray shading of this color makes it timeless and soothing.

Sage Green Front Door Design Ideas

Use these front door ideas to gather inspiration and help you decide if you want to add a sage front door to your home.

Use with a Monochrome Palette

Use with a Monochrome Palette
Mainstreet Design Build

The sage green exterior gives this home a natural but elegant look.

Blends with Natural Exterior Cladding

Meaning of a Sage Green Front Door
Cummings Architecture + Interiors

Use a sage front door to blend seamlessly with natural materials.

Highlight with Sage Green Trim

Highlight with Sage Green Trim
Green River Design

Combine a sage green front door with green trim and/or shutters for a cohesive and sophisticated style.

Create Old World Charm

Meaning of a Sage Green Front Door
Garden Requisites Limited

Sage green doors are the ultimate timeless color. They look as fitting on a historic cottage as they do on a modern home.

Use with a White Exterior

Use with a White Exterior
Michael Jones Architects

This dark sage green front door creates a lovely contrast with the home’s white exterior color.