Create a Vivid Look With a Blue Front Door Paint

A blue front door is an excellent antidote to a lackluster home exterior. More exciting than black and less bright than yellow, blue front doors are an outstanding option for someone looking to create a personalized look but still remain subtle. Whether you choose a bold or bright shade or a subdued or moody hue, a blue front door has the ability to create warmth while also adding to the unique aesthetic of your home.

Qualities of a Blue Front Door

Choosing the Right Shade of Blue for a Front Door

Blue is a versatile color with many gorgeous shades both dark and light. Many of these colors look striking on front doors and work with a variety of architectural styles and color schemes. Blue is a calming color that also helps to make your home inviting and approachable.

Like black, red, and green, blue is a classic color for front doors; this is especially true for deep blue shades like navy and slate. Yet, blue can also create an unexpected quality. Brighter and lighter blue shades strike a balance between on-trend yet still traditional. Blue front doors have an advantage over other more trendy shades; they have a timeless quality and will remain elegant and classic even as trends come and go.

Incorporating a Blue Front Door

Once you decide that you want a blue front door, there are other elements that you should consider to help this front door work with your home.

  • Coordinate with other exterior elements – A blue front door will be a part of a larger color scheme on your home. You can consider complementing the blue front door with other blue exterior elements like shutters, the porch ceiling, or trim features.
  • Add contrasting color – A blue door looks even more striking when paired with contrasting exterior colors on the siding, trim, or decor.
  • Choose the right hardware – Consider a decorative door knob, knocker, or hinges to enhance the aesthetics of the door.
  • Other decorative elements – Decorative elements like house numbers, wreathes, and swags help to add to the personality of your front door.

Choosing the Right Shade of Blue for a Front Door

Deciding on the right blue color for your front door can seem overwhelming because of the vastness of the selection.

  • Consider the style of your home – The architectural style of your home is a good starting place for choosing an ideal blue color for your front door. You will never go wrong with stately blues like midnight or cobalt on traditional-style homes or with bright blues on coastal-style homes. But you should also be willing to think outside the box and use a less expected shade of blue if that is what you want.
  • Surrounding colors – Take note of the surrounding colors both on and near your home. This includes your home’s exterior color scheme (unless you are planning to redo it), the other homes or buildings in your area, and the landscape colors. Consider the variations of blue from bright to muted and light to dark to choose one that works for your home and outdoor setting.
  • Light exposure – Like all colors, the particular blue shade you choose will look different according to the exposure to natural light. Be sure to test the color you like in the front door area and view it throughout the day to make sure you like it in the various light exposures.
  • Trust your instincts – Your front door color is a distinctly personal choice. Go with a color that you love rather than one that is trendy or the expected choice.

Best Blue Front Door Paint Colors

Best Blue Front Door Paint Colors

Blue shades are wide-ranging and evoke distinct moods. Use dark blue hues to give your home a quiet and distinctive elegance. Bright blues have a more relaxed look. These give your home a carefree and comfortable style.

Skylight (No. 205) from Farrow & Ball

Skylight is a pale gray-blue paint color. This is a good color if you want a “barely there” blue front door. This color will wash out in bright sunlight becoming both paler and grayer. Shader locations will intensify the blue.

Favorite Jeans (9147) from Sherwin Williams

Favorite Jeans is a well-balanced mid-tone blue shade. Just like its name, it has a comfortable and comforting quality. It has a slight undertone of gray to mute the color’s saturation. It has an LRV of 34.

De Nimes (No. 299) from Farrow & Ball

This is a rich and earthy blue color. It has green undertones that warm the color. The slight addition of gray ages this color. De nimes it will look vibrant on the front door but not overly bright.

Hale Navy (HC-154) from Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy is a versatile and popular navy blue. It is a rich and intense color, but it has some gray undertones which mute the depth of the color. It has an LRV of 8.

Sea Serpent (7615) from Sherwin Williams

Sea Serpent is a deep and complex blue. It is similar to navy, but it has slight green undertones that give it a gorgeous vibrancy and sophistication. This color pairs well with bright and warm whites as well as beige. It has an LRV of 7.

Blue Front Door Ideas

Get inspired by these noteworthy blue front doors.

Blue Front Door with Monochrome Color Palette

Blue Front Door with Monochrome Color Palette

Pair a light or dark blue front door with a house exterior in another blue shade for a subtle yet unexpected style.

Blue Front Door with Coordinating Exterior Trim

Blue Front Door with Coordinating Exterior Trim
Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc

The blue shutters painted in the same shade as the navy blue front door are a simple but effective way to create cohesion in the color scheme.

Modern Blue Front Door

Modern Blue Front Door
Ting & Company

Use a bright electric blue front door to enliven a neutral-colored exterior.

Light Blue Front Door on a Stone House

Choosing the Right Shade of Blue for a Front Door
Builders Door & Window

The slate blue color emphasizes the door’s unique style and blends beautifully with the variegated stone exterior of this home.

Blue Front Door with Adobe Exterior

Choosing the Right Shade of Blue for a Front Door
Kristen Paulin Photography

A vibrant light blue door and shutters enliven the earthen exterior of this adobe home.