House Number Signs for Every Style Home

Who knew that a set of a few numbers could be so important? House number signs do not just give a clear indication of where you live for guests and first responders, they are the first expression of your particular personal style and taste. They are a hint to help guests anticipate what they will find when they enter your home.

house number signs
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In this article, we will help you understand the significance of house number signs and the different ways that people have chosen to display them. Because our homes are unique it makes sense that the display of these numbers is unique too.

modern house number
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We have some amazing pictures of house number signs as well as a few DIY projects to create your own.

House Number Signs: The basics

When someone is trying to find your house, whether it be in the course of regular life or an emergency, it is of ultimate importance that all the obstacles to finding your home are removed.

House Number Signs: The basics
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Sometimes, one of these obstacles is house number signs that are not clear or absent altogether.

A house number sign should be visible from the street. You can install these signs on wood, brick, stucco, and stone surfaces either on your house or on something at the end of your driveway if your home is not near the street.

Materials For House Number Signs

Materials for house number signs
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The materials that fabricators use to create house number signs is varied. Above all, the material should be durable to stand up to the outdoor elements that can wear them down.

  • Wood – Number signs can be made from many different varieties of wood. Wood can form the base of a house number sign or create the numbers themselves. Many types of wood look attractive for rustic, farmhouse, and even modern home signage. You can paint or stain wooden signage to create different styles and for protection. However, even good quality wood is subject to warping and breaking due to outdoor moisture.
  • Acrylic and Plastic – Address markers made with plastic tend to be less expensive than other varieties. These look the best on modern and contemporary housing. These also can become brittle with exposure to outdoor elements.
  • Metal – Metal house number plaques have been around for centuries. Fabricators use many types of metal including iron, brass, steel, and aluminum. These types of signs are very durable, but they can become corroded and stained over time.
  • Natural stone – Fabricators have used natural stones like slate and granite to make address plaques for many years. Most of the time, they engrave the numbers on the surface of the natural stone.  You should affix this stone to another surface in order that the plaque does not crack.
  • Ceramic – Artists and craftsmen use ceramic and pottery to create home numbers in creative styles. These can develop crazing over time when exposed long-term to the rain and frost and can break if not handled with care.

Determining House Numbers

Here is a simplified version of how city and town governments determine house numbers. The city or municipality where you live will first establish a zero point or baseline like the city center.

Determining house numbers
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Then, they will measure off the surrounding property based on their distance from the zero point. Surveyors then section off different blocks and are given a numerical designation.

Next, they determine individual home and property numbers and add it to the larger block number. Even and odd numbers are on opposite sides of the road.

House number sign inspiration

Many people overlook the importance of house number signs styles. We have gathered together pictures of house numbers of many different styles. These can help you determine what kind of style you want to present.

Farmhouse style address sign

Farmhouse style address sign
Mulberry Market Designs

House numbers are more than signifiers of our address; they can be a window into our style. This simple house number works with the other elements at this entryway to present a cozy and rustic style. Further, it has the added benefit of visibility as the black numbers stand out well on the white background with the rustic wood frame.

Modern house number sign

Modern house number sign

This address sign is high on design and style. The modern form is attractive but minimal in embellishment. The all important numbers are large and visible with the added letters of the street name below. This manufacturer crafts these numbers from a lightweight steel with a powder coating to increase durability.

Monogram style house number

Monogram style house number

Monogrammed address signs provide a more personal touch to your front door entry. The black lettering makes a strong statement on the ivory background. Combined with the minimalist style door, this sign has a distinct and modern vibe. This design is also powder-coated steel.

Painted house numbers

Painted house numbers

Go big or go home is the motto of this absolutely beautiful door with painted address numbers. These numbers do double duty and provide clear and visible numbers, but they also create a dramatic statement for the entryway. This design is more effective because the modern door is paired with rustic elements like terracotta pots.

Detached sign

Detached sign

If you have a long driveway, house number signs on your house will not help those who aren’t familiar with the area. However, many options for stand-alone number signs exist. This one, from McIntyre Metalworks, works for just this context. This sign is customizable and you can mount it on the hanger of your choice.

Full address plaques

Full address plaque

You can also purchase plaques with your entire address. This circular plaque has a traditional look that creates a classic style entry without the need for extra embellishment. The plaque shows up very well on a white background, though it will be less visible on a background of a darker color.

Spell it out

Spell it out
Home Talk

This homeowner has chosen a sign that celebrates form over function. While this kind of sign may not be as useful, it elevates the homey look of the entryway. This kind of sign is a gorgeous way to exert your individuality and define your style.

Seasonal address sign

Seasonal address sign
Speed Fabrications

Not every kind of address sign needs to stay up all year long. This kind of address plaque is a seasonal addition for your front door. This is a fun way to bring more character to your entry during the holidays and complement other entry decor.

Light up house number signs

Some homeowners prefer a more practical design that is visible in the day and in the night. There are so many options for light up number signs for your home.

Freestanding, solar-powered house numbers

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

This product from Atdawn is a high-quality aluminum alloy that is durable and waterproof. The most convenient thing about a sign like this is that you don’t have to rely on batteries to keep the sign lit. It is powered by a small solar panel located on the top of the sign.

Minimalist house number plaque with waterproof frameamaz

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

This house number from LED Concept provides individual numbers that you can connect to form your address. These numbers are also solar powered. These numbers feature modern typography for a simple and contemporary style.

Hanging house number plaque with warm lighting

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

If you want a classic look but still need the convenience of a light up sign, try something like this one from Lakeside Collection. It features a metal stake with a hanging sign that looks more traditional than other modern options. This yard plaque is also solar-powered.

House number DIY projects

Because house number signs are unique, it makes sense to create one yourself. Take a few days and make a sign that will reflect your personal style. Your neighbors will be impressed, and you may even surprise yourself.

House numbers and succulent planter

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

This beautiful house number planter comes to us courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. It has all the advantages of beauty as well as function. The shape is modern and the styling of the numbers is spare. This project is super easy and takes just an afternoon to complete.

Rustic wood number plaque

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

The Striped House developed this DIY project to create a contemporary number sign. This is a project both for people who are skilled or others who may just be beginning their DIY journey. In the end, you will create a project that is useful and beautiful.

House numbers that are growing

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

Here is another new plaque idea from A Beautiful Mess. They have crafted a box with artificial greenery and mounted numbers on the top. The grass provides an interesting background and allows the numbers to stand out. This is a fun and fresh idea that you can use to create a delightful look for your front door.

Portable numbers

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

While They Snooze has created this unique take on house sign numbers. She takes an old tool box and stains and paints it to take pride of place near your front entry. This doesn’t require the extensive tools that other projects require, just some paint, stain, and a few hours of work. When you are finished, fill it with plants that you can change out by season.

A framed chalkboard

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

If you have kids, this is a fun expression of house number signs. Mount a chalkboard near your entry and write your house number in creative ways. This may not be the best idea for a long term solution, but it works well if you need a quick fix. This design comes from Craftivity Designs.

House numbers on a planter

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

This number sign from Shanty-2-chic is simple in style and construction. Further, it is obvious enough that people will notice it, but not overwhelming if you would rather have a more understated entry.

Tiered planter number sign

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

We love this tiered terracotta planter with the painted house numbers. This is a great way to add vibrant greenery and flowers to your entry along with making your house numbers stand out.

Repurposed shutter

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

Over The Big Moon uses a solid wood shutter that they have repurposed for the gold house numbers. Notice how the dark wood shutter creates the background for these numbers to shine.

Numbers on a post with hanging planter

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

Who doesn’t need just a bit more greenery in their space? Shanty-2-chic uses a wooden post to create a background for their number signs and adds a hook for a planter. The brown wood and numbers are a tone-on-tone look. If you want your numbers to stand out from the background, paint the post a light color like white and use black numbers.

A new use for a vintage milk can

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

From the Better After blog comes the story of a reader who found a discarded milk can by the side of the road and kept it for 20 years. When she decided to fix it up, she just painted it and affixed some vinyl letters and numbers to display her address. The moral of the story is that you never know what your old treasures can become.

In lieu of a wreath

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

Rather than decorate the front door with a wreath, Love and Life at Leadora created a house number plaque that they draped over the screen door. This project is inexpensive and doesn’t require heavy duty tools to complete.

Modern DIY house number sign

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

This lovely home number plaque was created by A Crafted Passion. It has a custom design that looks more expensive and difficult than it is. They created this plaque with spare wooden shims and then framed in black. The modern metals numbers complete the look.

Circular house number planter

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

This project from Sarah Hearts is one of our favorites. It has a simple and rustic look with the unexpected addition of the greenery. Best of all, you can use real greenery because the metal bin is a planter with drainage holes so that you can add soil and water.

Boho-chic house number with flower basket

House Number Signs for Every Style Home

If you want to increase your farmhouse chic and curb appeal at the same time, try this house number plaque and basket combination from Lovely Etc. It is an inexpensive project that you can complete in just a few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why are there numbers on houses?

House numbers give a unique designation to houses making them easier to identify.

When did houses begin to be numbered?

House numbering in the United States began after the Revolutionary War. The government assigned house numbers in order to make taxation easier.

What do house numbers mean in numerology?

Numerology is the study of the numbers in your life. Some people believe that your house numbers can predict what kind of experience you will have in a particular house.

How are house numbers determined in the USA?

Government officials determine house numbers in each area according to their distance from a particular baseline. Odd and even numbers are on opposite sides of the street.

Why do home addresses skip numbers?

There is sometimes a large jump in numbers because of a large distance between houses and properties. This is in order to facilitate more homes being built at a later date between the existing homes.

Where should I put house numbers on my house?

House numbers can be put in many places, but there are some best practices to make sure that they are visible for deliveries and first responders. The number should be posted somewhere that it is visible from both directions and be near the front door right above eye-level.

What color should my house numbers be?

This is based on preference, but there are some colors that work better than other. The color of the numbers and the color of the house should be different so that the numbers stand out. If you have a dark house and want to use dark numbers, mount them on a light colored plaque to help the number stand out.

What is the best size for house numbers?

For identification purposes, bigger and thicker is better. Choose numbers that are at least four inches tall.

House number signs: Conclusion

House number plaques are important in the identification of your home. However, they are also a way to give your entry some unique style. There are fun ways to display your house numbers as well as designs that are sophisticated and classic. There are even options for creating your own sign. Take the time to express your individuality with your house numbers in a way that neither you nor your neighbors will forget.