10 Tips for Bringing Spring to Your Front Porch

As spring makes its way into view, people get out and about, going for drives and walks and bike rides. The sunshine is addicting for every age. But with all those eyes outdoors, we can’t get away with minimal front porches anymore. Winter has taken it’s cold and snow away so it’s time to make your front porch a welcoming place for guests and passersby. Take a look at these 10 front porch decorating ideas and decide how best to bring spring styling to your own front porch.

Springy wreath

Everyone thinks of flowers when they think of spring. So lining your front porch steps with some colorful blooms is a lovely idea. It will make your steps a place to sit and read and revel in the sunshine while you wave hello to your neighbors.

Springy wreath

You can buy it or DIY it, but a sign is a great addition to any front porch style. Paint it pastel colors that will compliment your landscaping or even speak of spring all by itself. (via From My Front Porch To Yours)

bright bench

A bright bench is a necessity for every front porch if you have the space. You can sit on it, use it to display your potted plants or even serve a tray of lemonade to your friends on those lazy Sunday afternoons.

potted flowers

If you’re going to have potted flowers on your porch, why not display them in a creative way? Stacked pots like these are simple to put together and they open up so many opportunities for the blooms you can use by getting small low petals up in high places and into view.

springy rug

There is a reason they make certain rugs hardy enough for the outdoors. Putting a bright rug on your porch will make the space seem like an outdoor living room. You won’t be able to keep your neighbors away.

spring pillows

Speaking of living rooms, outdoor pillows are another great way to bring touches of inside coziness to your front porch. Choose some bright prints to keep on your bench or porch swing and you’ll find yourself reading outside more often. (via A Pumpkin and A Princess)

rain boots

Rainboots are necessary for many springtime wardrobes, but did you know that you can do more than just wear them? Scour the clearance section and find yourself a bright patterned pair of wellies to fill with flowers on your front porch. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stayed there through summer. (via Twelve Oaks Manor)

spring quote chalkboard

The possibilities of a chalkboard are just endless. One of my favorites happens to be using a large chalkboard to display a pretty quote about spring on your front porch. A simple “Welcome” surrounded by birds and flowers would do as well.

ball jar bouquets

It’s very probable that someone you know has a large collection of Ball jars. Ask if you can borrow a few blue ones and fill them with fresh flowers to display on your porch. If you can find a chair or a table to get them at different heights, all the better! (via House of Turquoise)

springy wreath

When you saw this was a front porch spring styling post, probably the first thing that came to mind was a wreath. Well, when you have so many gorgeous ones to choose from, I can hardly leave that out. Just be sure it’s full of gorgeous flowers and you’re all set. (via At The Picket Fence)