20 Color Ideas to Pair with Black Accents

Choosing the best colors that go with black accents depends on the shades you’re using. Black shades like charcoal, steel black, and ash black lean toward the cooler side of the spectrum.

Color Ideas to Pair with Black Accents

Black shades with a hint of brown give the impression of having warm undertones. It determines the level of contrast and balance in a color scheme, as noted in these black pairings.

Bold and Chic: Pairing with Black Accents

1. Black and White

Black and White
Haven Design and Construction

Black accents provide bold contrast in a white color scheme. Black adds a modern feel to the design and blends with other accent colors. Colors that go with black and white include brown, mustard, red, and purple. In this contemporary living room, black is used sparingly to avoid overwhelming the dominant color, white.

2. Black and Gold

Black and Gold
Design Directions

Gold accents add a touch of luxury and warmth when paired with black. Light fixtures, picture frames, or kitchenware are an excellent way to incorporate gold accents.

3. Black and Silver

Black and Silver
Masterpiece Design Group

This transitional kitchen from Masterpiece Interiors features a neutral color palette with silver accents for a pop of color. As with gold, the contrast between black and silver creates a sleek and sophisticated look.

4. Emerald Green and Black

Emerald Green and Black
Dear Designer

Patterns and textures incorporating emerald green and black suit a bold and dramatic look. Natural elements like houseplants also add to the aesthetic of the green wallpaper. Consider adding metallic accents such as brass or copper through statement pieces.

5. Green and Charcoal

Green and Charcoal
Talk Decor

A green and charcoal palette exudes a minimalist vibe with its clean lines, sleek furniture, and uncluttered space. Combining the two colors achieves a perfect balance, with charcoal walls providing a backdrop for the green sofa. The comfy green sectional also brings a sense of vitality.

6. Black and Gray

Black and Gray
Pepe Calderin

While monochrome color schemes are harmonious, they can also be monotonous and dull. Adding bold gray artwork or decor to a black-and-white color scheme injects energy into the room. Large windows invite natural light, while vibrant touches amplify the sense of space and brightness.

7. Orange and Black

Orange and Black
House Beautiful

Orange and black create a warm and welcoming space for homeowners crafting a midcentury modern design. This living space plays up the neutral black walls with an eye-catching orange sofa. The matching orange lampshade enhances the cohesive color scheme.

8. Taupe and Black

Taupe and Black
Haven Design and Construction

Various taupe shades give this bedroom a feminine and luxurious feel. The color is a perfect base for the black canopy bed, providing subtle contrast to the design. It’s ideal for anyone who can’t decide between gray and brown.

9. Black and Brown

Black and Brown
Un Progetto

Brown colors that go with black include warm cocoa, red-brown, and light tan. Rich, dark browns like chocolate create a dramatic look suitable for rooms with tall walls. A little greenery makes the combination pop.

10. Peach and Black

Peach and Black

In this design, plain peach walls provide a soft and warm backdrop, adding a touch of elegance. A black hood above the cooking area matches the cabinets for a cohesive look.

11. Black and Purple

Black and Purple
Last Detail Interior Design

Luxurious purple seats take center stage in this space, exuding elegance and power. The vibrant purple hue adds a bold and vibrant touch, while the white center table is the focal point. Against this backdrop, a black accent wall commands attention and creates drama.

12. Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow
Zalc Arquitetura Design

Black, white, and yellow are classic combinations that add modern flair to kitchens. This kitchen features black cabinets with complementing glossy tile backsplash for depth and texture. Small yellow details on the lower cabinets and the hanging cabinet add a touch of playfulness to the space.

13. Black and Fuchsia

Black and Fuchsia
Kiwi Studio

Fuchsia creates a vibrant and visually striking contrast when combined with black accents. In this space, a fuchsia carpet spreads across the floor, infusing the room with energy and boldness. The matte black wall color accentuates the vibrancy of the fuchsia, allowing it to stand out.

14. Orange and Charcoal

Orange and Charcoal
Rachel Reider Interiors

Orange seats contrast the charcoal walls, creating a bold and dynamic setting. An industrial side lamp completes the design, offering functional lighting with a touch of modernity.

15. Copper and Black

Copper and Black
Jaclyn Peters Design

The warm, lustrous tone of copper fixtures adds a touch of luxury and visual interest to black accents. Strategic placement of stainless steel appliances and faucets complements the design. The combination creates a harmonious open-plan kitchen that blends modernity and elegance.

16. Black and Cream

Black and Cream
Robin Pelissier Interior Design & Robin’s Nest

This kitchen by Robin Pelissier combines warm cream tones with striking black hues. The black countertops provide a sleek and contemporary touch while adding depth to the space. Warm pendant lights cast a soft, inviting glow and stress the warm cream tones.

17. Black and Tan

Black and Tan
Craftberry Bush

A wooden center table anchors this space, offering a natural finish. It also blends with the leather furniture and black walls. The white carpet provides a refreshing contrast from the earthy tones and brightens up the space.

18. Black and Pink

Black and Pink
Monica Benavidez

Pink radiates a sense of softness and femininity, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. In this pink room, black drawers are a bold and contrasting element and pair well with gold accents.

19. Cobalt and Raven

Cobalt and Raven
Little House On The Corner

Since both have cool blue undertones, cobalt and raven create a harmonious combination in interior design. Colorful paintings enhance the room’s vibrancy and add an artistic flair.

20. Coral and Charcoal

Coral and Charcoal
Sarah Kaye

Coral, a warm and vibrant hue, adds energy and liveliness to a space. Combining coral and charcoal in a contemporary design creates a balanced composition. The pair blends warmth, sophistication, and modernity.