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Switch from meters to miles using our converter. Place the number of meters in the calculator, and the equivalent number of miles will appear. You can also use the formula below for manual calculations.

meters to miles calculator

Meters to Miles Converter

Type a value in the Meters field to convert the value to Miles:

To convert from meters to miles, multiply your meters’ value by 0.000621.

Miles = meters x 0.000621

Reference the table below for common meters-to-miles conversions.

Meters (m)Miles (mi)
20 m0.01 mi
30 m0.02 mi
40 m0.02 mi
50 m0.03 mi
100 m0.06 mi
120 m0.07 mi
150 m0.09 mi
200 m0.12 mi
250 m0.16 mi
300 m0.19 mi
350 m0.22 mi
400 m0.25 mi
450 m0.28 mi
500 m0.31 mi
600 m0.37 mi
800 m0.50 mi
900 m0.56 mi
1000 m0.62 mi
1100 m0.68 mi
1200 m0.75 mi
1250 m0.78 mi
1280 m0.80 mi
1300 m0.81 mi
1400 m0.87 mi
1500 m0.93 mi
1600 m0.99 mi
1800 m1.12 mi
2000 m1.24 mi
2300 m1.43 mi
2400 m1.49 mi
2500 m1.55 mi
2700 m1.68 mi
3000 m1.86 mi
3200 m1.99 mi
3300 m2.05 mi
3450 m2.15 mi
3540 m2.20 mi
5000 m3.11 mi
6000 m3.73 mi
7000 m4.35 mi
8000 m4.97 mi
11000 m6.84 mi
120000 m74.57 mi

What is a Meter?

A meter is a measure of length or distance from the metric system. The symbol for the meter is m. A meter is 1/1609 of a mile. 

  • There are 39.37 inches in a meter
  • There are 1.0936 yards in a meter
  • One meter is equal to 3.2808 feet – check the m to feet calculator

Since the meter is an SI unit, it’s a standard measure across the world expert for countries such as the United States and Liberia. While the United States uses the mile to measure distance on roadways, many countries that have adopted the metric system use the kilometer. A kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters.

What is a Mile?

A mile is a measure of distance or length from the British Imperial and United States Customary systems. The symbol for mile is mi. There are 1,609 meters in a mile.

  • There are 5,280 feet in a mile
  • One mile contains 1,760 yards
  • There are 1.609 kilometers in a mile

In the United States, the mile measures traveling distances. Mile per hour is a speed measurement that relays the number of miles traveled in one hour. Other countries that use the mile or mile per hour include the United Kingdom, Liberia, and Belize.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is a meter longer than a mile?

A meter is much shorter than a mile. There are 1,609 meters in a mile. A mile is also longer than a kilometer, which equals 1,000 meters.

What's a simple way to convert meters to miles?

An easy but slightly less accurate way to convert meters to miles is to divide your meters’ value by 1609.

Why would you need to switch from meters to miles?

If you reside in a country that uses the metric system but are visiting the United States, Liberia, Belize, or the United Kingdom, you may need to convert meters to miles while driving. In countries that use the mile, a vehicle’s speedometer displays miles per hour.

How to convert from miles to meters?

To convert miles to meters, multiply your miles figure by 1609.34.