10 Best Dark Green Paint Colors

Dark green paint colors can be part of a refined color palette for home styles of all varieties. The fresh look of green and its connection to the outdoor world means that the color green has been beloved over time. Dark green is a rich, nuanced, and sophisticated paint color option. Luxuriant shades of dark green have been showing up as a hot interior trend for the last ten years, as reflected by Pantone’s 2013 choice of Emerald as its color of the year.

Best Dark Green Paint Colors

While no one doubts the elegance of dark green paint color options, you may be surprised to know that it is also versatile. Dark green paint colors take their cues from nature. The colors of the natural landscape blend effortlessly with many different hues. In the same way, dark green paint colors complement a wide variety of other colors. It works as well for an accent as it does for a dominant color choice.

Best Dark Green Paint Colors

Dark green paint options have been around long enough for interior designers and homeowners to adopt some favorites.

Here are ten of the most popular dark green paint colors available today.

1. Black Forest Green (HC-187) from Benjamin Moore

Black Forest Green (HC-187) from Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green paint is a deep and rich green with a generous dash of black. This color has cool undertones and can even appear teal in certain lights. It is part of their historical collection, which means you can use it with confidence in homes where you want to maintain a classic style. But you can also use it to great effect on contemporary style to provide a strong sense of place.

2. Ripe Olive (6209) from Sherwin Williams

Ripe Olive (6209) from Sherwin Williams

Ripe Olive from Sherwin Williams is a true but deep olive shade with hints of blue and some gray to tone it down. The gray helps if you are interested in using this color as a wall color because it mutes it and makes it not as overwhelming as a more saturated color would be. This color leans more warm than cool.

3. Studio Green (No. 93) from Farrow & Ball

Studio Green (No. 93) from Farrow & Ball

Studio Green from Farrow & Ball is a rich green that can even look black in certain lights. For all that, Studio Green is surprisingly soft and calming in its appearance. This color changes shades based on the light in the room and the complementing colors against it.

4. Tarrytown Green (HC-134) from Benjamin Moore

Tarrytown Green (HC-134) from Benjamin Moore

Tarrytown Green is another historic dark green color option from Benjamin Moore. This is a deep pine green with cool undertones of blue. This color works just as well for a wall color as it does covering cabinets or furniture and exterior doors.

5. Country Squire (6475) from Sherwin Williams

Country Squire (6475) from Sherwin Williams

Country Squire is a vibrant and saturated deep green with a rich emerald hue. It has strong blue undertones. This color walks the line between serene and energetic, striking just the right balance between both.

6. Salamander (2050-10) from Benjamin Moore

Salamander (2050-10) from Benjamin Moore

Salamander is the darkest color on this list. It is a gorgeous and moody deep green with a generous dose of blue and black. Like its name, this color changes based on its surroundings. Use this in a brightly colored space if you want to bring out the rich green of this shade.

7. Beverly (No. 310) from Farrow & Ball

Beverly (No. 310) from Farrow & Ball

Beverly is a dark green with warm undertones. It is a straightforward green that looks equally vibrant in low as well as bright light. This color is as gorgeous on the walls as it does on woodwork.

8. Cascades (7623) from Sherwin Williams

Cascades (7623) from Sherwin Williams

Cascades is a deep but rich green with strong blue, gray and slight yellow undertones. This color leans so strongly blue that you can use it in place of teal. Cascades is a balanced blend of colors that embodies both boldness and mystery.

9. Vintage Vogue (462) from Benjamin Moore

Vintage Vogue (462) from Benjamin Moore

Vintage Vogue is a warm dark green with strong gray and slight brown undertones. This is a lighter shade than some of the other deep greens, but next to white, this color still reads as dark green.

10. Isle of Pines (6461) from Sherwin Williams

Isle of Pines (6461) from Sherwin Williams

Isle of Pines is, as you might guess, a fresh and vibrant shade of pine green. There is just a hint of a blue undertone to add depth, nuance, and just a touch of mystery to this deep green hue.

How to Use Dark Green Paint Colors in Your Home

Deep green is an elegant and adaptable color for wide varieties of home styles. Consider all the ways that you can use deep green to bring the look of luxury to your space.

Use Dark Green as an Accent Color

Some people are understandably wary of using deep green as a full wall color. It is a bold choice that might be overwhelming for some spaces. Use deep green instead as an accent color. It is gorgeous on woodwork, particularly on furniture or trim. You can also use it as an accent color in throw pillows, curtains, rugs, or wall art.

Combine Dark Green with Neutrals

Dark green works well in combination with many colors, but it looks particularly stunning with neutrals. Neutrals like warm white, gray, and beige provide a brilliant contrast to deep green colors.

Pair Dark Green with Other Shades of Green

We see different shades of green mixed together throughout nature. This provides us with a workable blueprint for mixing various shades of green for a cohesive look. Interior designers mix all different shades of green, but for the beginner, it might be easiest to stick with greens of one color temperature, i.e., colors that lean either cool or warm. Vary your look by using colors of the same temperature but different saturations.

Pair Dark Green with Natural Materials

It makes sense that dark green is ideal for mixing with natural materials. The simple look and style of sisal, marble, leather, and wood are elevated by pairing them with deep green accents.

Use Dark Green as a Wall Color

Dark green is stunning as a wall color. It is the ideal color if you want to make a bold statement but still want to be classic. Choose a less saturated dark green color like Studio Green from Farrow & Ball or Vintage Vogue from Benjamin Moore if you want to mute the effect of the color and maintain the serenity of the space. Vibrant greens like Isle of Pines and Cascades from Sherwin Williams are just as gorgeous, but they are more energetic dark green options.

Colors That Complement Dark Green

Shades of dark green are visible throughout the natural world. Dark green is so versatile that you can pair it with almost any other color. Here are some of our favorite options.

Warm White, Gray, and Beige

Best Dark Green Paint Colors
deVOL Kitchens

Light neutrals like white and beige create a gorgeous contrast with dark green. Neutrals both limit and highlight the effect of dark green. Choose dark green accents in a white or gray room to add more depth and sophistication to your room design.


Best Dark Green Paint Colors

From the palest blush to vibrant coral, pink is the ideal way to bring a bit of fire to the soothing tones of dark green colors. This is a popular pairing, but there are so many ways to do this that the look will always be fresh.

Gold and Metallic Tones

Best Dark Green Paint Colors
Wander Design

Dark green and gold are the ideal combination if you want to create a look of luxury and opulence. Dark green is also a wonderful foil for metallic tones like gold, brass, chrome, and copper. The best thing about this combination is that you don’t need an overabundance of either color to create this stylish look.


Best Dark Green Paint Colors

Blue and green are analogous colors on the color wheel. These are both soothing color options, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a dramatic look with this combination. Pair deep, jeweled blues with dark green for a moody and mysterious design. You can also pair deep green with light blue for greater contrast.

Charcoal and Black

Best Dark Green Paint Colors
Amity Worrel & Co.

Charcoal gray and black are deep, but they are also subtle. They provide a good contrast to the intensity of dark green. They are a way to heighten the sophistication of dark green while muting the effect of the color.