Purple Front Door Meaning: The Symbolism of This Eye-Catching Color

Purple front door meaning is part of a deep color resonance that goes beyond simple aesthetics. Certainly, purple front doors are a daring choice as an exterior color element, but there is also a symbolic significance that resonates in cultural, historical, artistic, and emotional aspects of our lives. The color of the front door also provides a small window into the personality and values of the homeowners. Use the powerful tone and symbolism of purple to enhance the visual appeal of your home and convey meaning at the same time.

Purple Front Door Meaning

Purple Front Door Meaning

The color purple has meaningful symbolic significance that goes beyond the way this particular color appears. This symbolism is subjective, so the meaning of a purple front door will vary according to personal beliefs, cultural context, and historical period.

Royalty and Luxury

The color purple has been associated with royal status and luxury since the ancient world. In ancient societies from the Persians to the Romans, kings, queens, and emperors reserved purple clothing and adornment for themselves. In fact, it was only the very wealthy who could afford purple clothing. This was because purple dye was one of the most expensive and difficult to make. This meant that purple clothing was rare.

In the early years, purple dye centered around the Phonecian city of Tyre. They used a type of sea snail, or mollusk, to produce a dye that came to be called “Tyrian purple.” It took around 250, 000 mollusks to create one ounce of purple dye. Purple carried this royal connotation for centuries but became more widely available with the rise of synthetic dyes in the 1800s. Even though we can readily use the purple color, we still associate the rich shade with opulence.

Creativity and Individuality

Purple is not a traditional front door color choice like red, blue, black, or green. We often associate purple front doors with individuality and self-expression. Purple front doors signify confidence; they represent someone willing to go their own way rather than following the crowd.

Purple front doors also represent a creative and artistic choice. Because purple is a color that is not found as readily in nature, it is a color that stands out from earth tones common in home exteriors. Shades of purple reflect an adventurous spirit, unlike more traditional color choices.

Wealth and Prosperity

Purple is a powerful color in feng shui design. When you consider a feng shui bagua map, you will notice the association of the color purple with the area that represents wealth and prosperity. A purple front door is a powerful symbol that you can use to invite more wealth and prosperity into your life.

According to feng shui, purple symbolizes the fire element. The fire element is particularly auspicious on south-facing homes. Use a purple front door to amplify the yang energy of the fire element. This energy represents passion and inspiration.


The color purple represents wisdom, meditation, and spirituality in many cultures perhaps because of its mysterious and complex nature. In Christianity, purple is associated with mourning and sacrifice. It is common for priests to wear purple vestments during Lent and to adorn the altar with purple cloth.

Purple is also associated with the crown chakra which relates to spiritual enlightenment, awareness, connection to the universe, and inner wisdom. A purple front door can symbolize a place where spiritual belief and connection are valued.


Purple represents transformation and change because it is the blending of two dichotomous colors, red and blue that creates a bold new color. A purple front door can be a powerful symbol if you want to represent that you are moving on from one thing and toward another. It can also symbolize that you are open to changes in your life.