Using the Fire Element in Feng Shui Interior Design

The fire element in feng shui practice represents passion, energy, and creativity. Along with the other feng shui elements, water, earth, metal, and wood, you can use the fire element to balance the energy in your home and create a harmonious atmosphere. The fire element has an energy that is fast-moving and strong. This is the ideal energy emphasis if you are feeling dull and uninspired, but be cautious about how you use this energy as it is forceful and intense.

About the Fire Element

Fire element

The fire element has unique properties in feng shui belief that helps to create harmony with the other feng shui elements. Each element has both yin and yang characteristics that create balance within themselves. The fire element primarily has yang energy that is active and assertive. But like all the elements, it also has yin energy which is passive and more receptive. When you understand which fire element symbols signify which type of energy, you can activate a more specific energy type.

Fire Symbols That Represent Yang Energy

Use symbols of the fire element that represent yang energy when you want to create strong excitement and energy.

  • Candle Flames – The flame of a candle is the classic representation of the yang energy in the fire element.
  • Sun – The sun symbolizes intense energy and warmth. This is a powerful symbol of yang energy.
  • Triangle Shapes – Triangles symbolize upward motion and energy which are a symbol of yang energy in the fire element.
  • Red and Orange – The bright and intense colors of red and orange symbolize yang energy.
  • Electric Lights – Electric lights are intense and are fire symbols of yang energy.
  • Animal Symbols – Animals symbols like dragons and phoenixes represent the fire element and its yang energy.

Fire Symbols That Represent Yin Energy

There are also fire symbols that signify the calmer side of activity and energy.

  • Fireplace – The calm and cozy flames of a fireplace is a fire symbol that represents serene yin energy.
  • Lanterns – The soft and diffused light of a lantern is a symbol of fire used to create a calm atmosphere.
  • Pink and Purple – Pink and purple also represent the fire element, but rather than the intense emotion or red and orange, they represent soothing yin energy.
  • Sunsets – Sunsets create brilliant fire colors, but they represent the calming yin energy of the fire element.

The Fire Element and the Bagua Map

The bagua map is a tool that feng shui practitioners use to balance the energy throughout the home. The Western bagua map divides your space into nine sections. Each area corresponds with a different aspect of life. You should balance the energy in each section, but one type of element is particularly powerful in each section.

The fame and reputation section corresponds with the fire element. Fire element symbols are particularly potent in activating the energy in these areas of your life. You can use fire symbols to help you gain recognition in your career and help to win the notice of others.

Positive Qualities of the Fire Element

When fire energy is balanced, there are multiple positive qualities that we can activate.

  • Passion – Feng shui belief uses the fire element to activate passion, enthusiasm, and desire. Use this energy to help you strive towards your goals and desires with intensity and purpose.
  • Creativity – Use the energy we associate with the fire element to bring a spark of genius to your creative pursuits.
  • Leadership – We use the fire element to symbolize the strong action needed for great leadership. Use this energy to help you take charge and make things happen.
  • Warmth – The fire element represents warmth both physically and emotionally. Use this energy to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in all of your relationships.
  • Transformation – The power of fire creates transformation. This element represents the energy that you need to burn away the old and create new things.

Colors and Shapes That Represent the Fire Element

  • Colors – Use bright and vibrant colors to represent the fire element in your home. Vivid reds and oranges symbolize the strong and active yang energy in the fire element. Soft pink and purple represent the more receptive yin energy in the fire element, but it is also active and energetic.
  • Shapes – There are several shapes that represent the fire element. Some of these include triangles, pointed shapes, pyramids, wavy or zig-zag lines, diamond shapes, and sunburst shapes.

Fire Element and the Constructive Cycle

The five elements present in feng shui practice exist in different cycles with each other. The constructive cycle shows how each element helps to strengthen another element. In this cycle, wood feeds fire, just as in the real world, wood helps to nourish the flames of a fire. In practice, this means that wood elements can help to strengthen fire energy in your space. Common wood symbols include living plants, tall vertical shapes, and wood colors like blue, green, and teal.

Also, in the constructive cycle, the fire element helps to strengthen earth’s energy, just as wood ash helps to nourish the soil. Use symbols that represent the fire element in places where you want to activate earth energy.

Fire Element and the Destructive Cycle

The five elements also exist in a destructive or weakening cycle. This signifies elements that limit the energy of a particular element. In the destructive cycle, water quenches the power of the fire element. So, if you feel that you have too much excitement or passion in your life, you can use symbols that signify the water element to weaken the fire energy. These include symbols like water fountains, aquariums, blue and black color schemes, and mirrors. The fire element itself is useful for weakening metal energy.

Excess of Fire Energy

Imbalances in any of the five elements create negative effects. An excess of fire energy can cause the following effects.

  • Aggression – Too much fire energy can cause aggression and hostility. This may lead to power struggles, arguments, and conflict.
  • Anxiety – Feng shui practice associates fire energy with energy and passion, but an excess of this can cause anxiety and restlessness.
  • Overstimulation – An excess of fire energy can create overstimulation leading to sleeplessness and difficulty focusing on tasks.
  • Burnout – The fire element, just like a real fire, can create quick energy but quickly burn out as it consumes all its fuel.
  • Unbalanced Emotion – We associate the fire element with passion, but too much of it can lead to jealousy, anger, and impulsiveness.

The Fire Element in Home Design

There are some quick and easy ways to incorporate more of the fire element into your home. There are also more costly and time-consuming ideas that you can adopt to create lasting fire energy.


Candles Fire element interior design

Candles are an inexpensive and versatile way to add the fire element to any room. Candles create a homey and warm atmosphere and create a sense of movement and light in any room.


Fireplace A Fire element interior design

A fireplace is a natural focal point for any room and a way to create warmth and intimacy in a given space. While this is a more expensive home project, it will create lasting value, especially on dark and cold winter nights.


Lighting fixtures A Fire element interior design

Electric lighting is another cost-effective way to incorporate fire energy into your room. Use soft ambient lighting or task lighting like reading lamps for dedicated reading areas. Be sure to use warm yellow light, as cold light has a blue aspect that can cool a room and create a more sterile look.


Red - Fire element interior design

Use bright and vivid colors like shades of red and orange to activate fire energy. You can also utilize more muted shades like pinks and purples if you want to bring more peaceful, active energy into your space.

Wall Art

Wall Art Fire element interior design

Find wall art that represents fire energy with images of sunsets, flames, and abstract art with vibrant colors.