12 Ideas for House Protection to Guard Against Negative Energy

House protection tools are one of the best ways that you can create a restful and harmonious living environment in your home. Feng shui practitioners believe that negative energy, also called Sha Chi, can build up in your home with the passage of time.

This negative energy blocks positive energy flows that create a balance that can have a significant impact on our health, abundance, and happiness. By cleansing your house of negative energy, you can create a surrounding that helps you and your family thrive.

House Protection Goals

House Protection to Guard Against Negative Energy

The overall goal of feng shui practice is to create a space that promotes the positive energy flow of each of the five elements: water, fire, metal, earth, and wood. You can create these positive energy flows with the correct arrangement of furniture and decor that symbolizes these elements, which creates an overall balance. This harmonious space creates positive effects like health, prosperity, and joy.

When positive energy flows are blocked, you can experience negative effects on your well-being, both physically and mentally. You can use house protection strategies to cleanse your home of this negative energy and allow positive energy to flow uninterrupted through your home.

Times to Use House Protection Strategies

There are some key moments throughout your life in your home where house protection practices make sense.

  • Moving into a new home – After moving into a new home, it is important to cleanse it of any negative energy that may have built up before you arrived.
  • Major life changes – Major life changes like divorce, separation, a job change, or the loss of a loved one can create negative energy that it is important to release.
  • After stressful periods – Stress can cause negative energy to accumulate in our environment. It is important to rid your home of this negative energy before proceeding to a calmer and more peaceful phase of life.
  • Major illness – Use house protection strategies if you or a family member is experiencing a major illness in order to promote a more healthful atmosphere.
  • After a traumatic event – Make sure to cleanse your house of negative energy after you undergo major events while living there like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or fires.

Signs You Might Need House Protection Strategies

Even without major life events and changes, negative energy can still accumulate in your living space. Here are some effects that you might notice if the positive energy flow is blocked or disrupted.

  • Negative Emotions – It may be a sign that negative energy is present in your work or living environment if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or unease.
  • Chronic Illness – Chronic illness or fatigue in you or someone living with you could be a sign that your home’s energy is imbalanced.
  • Financial Problems – Financial problems or struggling to meet financial goals are sometimes a signal that you have an energy imbalance.
  • Relationship Problems – Relationship problems with a spouse, partner, or other household members can be a sign that there is an energy problem.
  • Career Problems – Difficulty finding or keeping a job can be a signal that you need to employ house protection techniques.

12 Ideas For House Protection

Here are some easy strategies that you can use to help create better energy flows in your house and rid it of negative energy.

Clean the Clutter

Clutter is anything around your home or workspace that is disorganized, unnecessary, or takes up extra space in your home or work environment. This can include piles of paperwork, extra clothes you don’t wear, or knick-knacks that don’t add any value or purpose in your life. The accumulation of clutter can disrupt positive energy and lead to negative outcomes.

Tackle clutter in your space in order to feel more calm, focused, and energized. Don’t feel like you need to do every room at once. Start small and work through each room in an orderly fashion. Sort through the items in each room and separate them into piles that you want to keep, donate, recycle, or throw away. Use storage solutions like cabinets, bins, and baskets to help you keep your space organized on a long-term basis.

Place Crystals

House Protection to Guard Against Negative Energy

Feng shui practitioners believe that certain crystals have healing and protective properties. Using crystals in strategic areas of your home can help reassert positive energy flows.

Use protective black tourmaline crystals near your home’s entrance in order to prevent negative energy from entering your home. Clear quartz crystals are good in all areas of the home as they promote positive energy and balance. Rose quartz and amethyst work well in bedrooms to create relaxation, tranquility, and emotional balance. Citrine crystals in an office or workroom can help stimulate prosperity, abundance, and success. Hematite is another crystal that is beneficial in all environments as it is a grounding crystal that absorbs negative energy and promotes a sense of stability and security.

Use Salt

People have used salt since ancient times as a material for purification and cleansing. You can employ the same positive benefits of salt by using simple methods like a salt lamp or a bowl of salt in a room to absorb negative energy. Or, you can use salt for more in-depth purification of your home.

Use salt water to clean spaces in your home like corners, doorways, and windows. You can also use salt water to mop the floor. You can also sprinkle salt into your carpet to help get rid of unwanted negative energy. Leave it for a few days before vacuuming it up. Make sure that you don’t expose children or pets to excess salt.

Add More Plants

House Protection to Guard Against Negative Energy

Plants provide good house protection against negative energy as well as remove unhealthy toxins from the air. Choose plants that have a good reputation for cleansing and health, such as sage, rosemary, bamboo, aloe vera, money plant, peace lily, or lavender, in order to bring this benefit to your home.

It is also important to choose plants that are easy to maintain and fit your interior living space, as unhealthy or dying plants do not promote positive energy. Avoid plants like cacti that have sharp points and edges, as we associate these with aggression and a hostile environment.

Essential Oils

The fragrance of essential oil is naturally stimulating. Use essential oils to give your home a fragrance that you enjoy. Some of the best essential oil options are sage, frankincense, cedarwood, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary. You can use essential oils with a diffuser, room spray, or just by adding a few drops to your body or in a bath.

Protective Front Door

It is essential to understand how to protect your front door from negative energy, as this is the prime entry point into your home.

Choose a solid-material front door using wood or metal when at all possible. Add a strong lock or deadbolt for extra security. Make sure your front door is clean and well-maintained. Don’t allow cracks in the material or paint to last without addressing the issues. Ensure that the entrance is well-lit to deter negative energy. Add protective symbols to or near your front door, like door knockers or statues that symbolize protection, like fu/foo dogs and lions.

You can also boost the protection of your front door by using a doormat made of natural materials like coconut or hemp that absorbs negative energy.

Bring in Fresh Air and Light

The energy inside a home can become stagnant and stale over time. Therefore, it is essential that you refresh the energy in a given space.

Opening windows is one way that you can release both negative and stagnant energy and allow fresh energy to flow into the room. Windows also bring in natural light, which is helpful in creating positive energy. Uncover windows to allow more light to flow through your area if you sense there is an accumulation of negative energy.

You can also air out pillows, blankets, and rugs. Fluff and shake everything in the room to increase the positive flow of fresh air.

Fix Broken Items

Broken things create disorder and chaos. These items are a visual reminder that all is not as it should be for the best functioning space. Broken items are a source of negative energy and create stagnation by blocking positive energy. It is vital that you address broken items by identifying the ones you want to keep and fixing them and by discarding the items that you don’t want and are creating clutter.

Ring Bells

In feng shui practice, bells are believed to have a purifying effect. You can use bells to clear away negative energy and promote the flow of positive energy.

Choose a bell that has a positive sound and feel. Begin at your front door and progress through your home, ringing the bell as you walk through the space. Pay special attention to corners where negative energy may get stuck. Visualize the sound waves clearing the air. Once you have completed a circuit, return to your front door and ring the bell one last time to seal the positive energy.

Use Color

House Protection to Guard Against Negative Energy

Color is a foundational aspect of feng shui design, and there are particular colors that we associate with home protection. Feng shui practitioners believe that black has a protective as well as grounding effect. Use this color in areas where this is important, like the front door. Shades of blue create feelings of relaxation and comfort which are useful in creating a peaceful vibe in bedrooms. Red is believed to have powerful protective energy. This is another good color for front doors. Neutral colors are one of the best options for people who are already feeling overwhelmed by life.

Remove Sharp Corners

In feng shui design, sharp corners are believed to create negative energy and lead to discomfort and unease. Therefore, it is imperative to remove as many sharp edges as possible and use rounded objects in their place.

This may be impossible in some environments or home layouts, so it is important to mitigate the effects of the sharp angles. You can use plants in front of sharp corners to soften the edges. You can also hang crystals between two sharp angles to redirect the energy. Using furniture or decor to create better flow around sharp angles is another strategy.

Add Mirrors

House Protection to Guard Against Negative Energy

Mirrors attract positive energy into your home environment. There are foundational guidelines that determine the best mirror placement and style.

Use only mirrors with rounded edges in order not to introduce more sharp angles into your space. Do not place a mirror opposite the front door, as this can cause positive energy to exit your home. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom, or at least do not allow the mirror to reflect a person while they are sleeping. Also, do not place two mirrors so that they reflect each other, as this can create negative energy.