The Benefits of Calcite Crystal in Feng Shui Design

Feng shui experts and designers use calcite crystal to help promote good energy and achieve a harmonious balance in a given environment. These practitioners believe that different types of calcite crystals have a wide variety of positive purposes, including purifying and magnifying energy, balancing emotions, improving spiritual awareness, and improving your connection with others. Not only do these crystals have beneficial properties, but they are also a colorful addition to your home decor

What is Calcite Crystal and its Meaning?

The Benefits of Calcite Crystal in Feng Shui Design

Calcite is a naturally occurring carbonite mineral that is one of the most abundant on Earth. You can find calcite in many forms and with various opacities. One of these common types of calcite is calcite crystal. Most calcite crystals have a white or clear coloring, but you can find calcite crystals in varied colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, pink, and gray. These colors signify that the calcite has mixed with impurities in the soil, such as iron oxide, sulfur, copper, and carbon.

Calcite crystals have distinct cleavages, which set them apart from other types of calcite. Cleavage is how the calcite breaks to reveal flat surfaces. Calcite breaks perfectly in three directions, which means that you can often find crystals that have a three-fold symmetry around a vertical axis. Collectors prize these crystals because of their gorgeous and unique shape. Manufacturers polish these crystals to a high luster. These are exquisite objects that people use as both decor and jewelry.

Types and Properties of Popular Calcite Crystal

Popular Calcite Crystal

There are wide varieties and colors of calcite crystal. Feng shui experts use each of these crystals to produce unique positive effects on the environment.

Clear or White Calcite Crystal

Clear or white calcite crystal is the most common form of calcite. This type of calcite crystal is free from any impurities. Therefore, feng shui practice uses clear calcite crystals to help produce clarity, thought, and perception. You can also use clear calcite crystals in crystal grids to enhance the energy of other stones.

Clear or white calcite crystal is also believed to have healthful properties and beneficial effects on both healing the mind and body by promoting balance and harmony.

Blue Calcite Crystal

Calcite crystal with a blue coloring is due to the presence of oxidized copper. You can find blue calcite crystal in a range of blue shades, from deep blue to turquoise and sky blue.

Blue calcite crystal is popular in feng shui design because of its beauty and because of its positive associations with stress relief, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. Feng shui belief also connects blue calcite crystal to the throat chakra. This energy center is responsible for communication and self-expression, which is why they believe that this crystal can promote better public speaking and creative expression.

Yellow Calcite Crystal

Yellow calcite crystal gets its color from various impurities and trace elements in the soil, such as sulfur, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Yellow calcite crystal is available in a range of shades, from pale to vibrant yellow.

Yellow calcite crystal is associated with joy and optimism. Use it to lift your mood and enhance positive energy. You can also use yellow calcite crystals to boost your confidence and self-esteem because feng shui beliefs associate yellow crystals with the solar plexus chakra. This is the center of willpower, determination, and self-confidence.

Pink or Mangano Calcite Crystal

Mangano calcite crystal gets its name from the mineral manganese that colors the crystal with its distinctive pink shade. Feng shui beliefs associate the pink calcite crystal with the heart chakra. Therefore, the pink crystal symbolizes love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Pink crystals are also believed to promote emotional healing by reducing anxiety and helping to promote spiritual balance. You can also use pink crystals to lift your own esteem, as they have been linked to the strengthening of a positive self-image.

Green Calcite Crystal

The green coloring in calcite crystal is due to a range of impurities that produce a range of green shades from pale celadon to deep forest green. Feng shui belief associates the green calcite crystal with the heart chakra and is believed to support health on emotional and physical levels.

People also use green calcite crystals as a way to promote the healing qualities of nature and to enhance a connection with the beauty and harmony of the earth.

Red Calcite Crystal

The red coloring in some calcite crystals is due to the presence of iron and hematite impurities. These trace elements produce various shades of red crystals, from deep vibrant red to red with hints of brown, purple, pink, and orange.

Red crystals, just like the color red in feng shui ideology, are associated with passion, energy, and vitality. Feng shui practice uses red crystals to symbolize the root chakra at the base of the spine. It helps you to feel more stable and grounded, promoting a sense of security and safety.

Orange Calcite Crystal

Like red and pink calcite crystals, the orange coloring is caused by iron and other trace elements like manganese. Orange calcite crystals range in color from deep, vibrant orange to pale peachy hues.

Orange has powerful symbolism in feng shui belief that links it to creativity and inspiration. The orange crystal is linked to the sacral chakra, which is located in the abdomen area. When we have balance in this area, we can be more open to expressing ourselves in all areas of life.

Black Calcite Crystal

Black calcite crystal is one of the least common calcite crystal varieties. Shades of black calcite crystals are colored by trace elements of carbon in the soil. Black crystals and other shades of black. like gray calcite crystals, symbolize grounding and protection. Feng shui designers use black crystals to absorb negative energy. Many also believe that black crystals help to release emotional blockages and drive away fear and anxiety.

Brown Calcite Crystal

Feng shui practitioners use brown calcite crystal to represent metaphysical properties, including grounding and centering. They also believe that this crystal helps you to bring your dreams into reality. Brown crystals are also valued because they have protective qualities that help to shield you from negative energy.

Using Calcite Crystals in Feng Shui Design

You can use calcite crystals in your home to promote balance as well as enhance positive energy. Consider each color and use them according to the properties that you want to develop.

Calcite Crystals and the Bagua Map

Calcite crystals can help to amplify the energy in your home space, and one helpful guideline to use is the bagua map. Bagua map is a tool that feng shui designers use to map the energy in your space. The western bagua map divides the home into eight sections that surround a center section. These nine sections represent a different area of your life.

You can use crystals in each of these sections to help promote positive energy in a particular area of your life. For example, the front central area of your home is associated with your career and life path. Use black crystals in this area to promote positive energy and reduce anxiety and negative feelings you have about your job.

Calcite Crystals and the Five Element

Calcite crystals have a wide variety of colors that you can use to signify the five elements of feng shui. Use these colors to activate the qualities that these elements represent.

  • Fire Element – The fire element is represented by orange and red hues. Feng shui belief connects the fire element with passion, vibrancy, and energy.
  • Earth Element – The earth element represents grounding, stability, and protection. Use earth-tone crystals, including yellow and brown if you want to bring this energy into your home.
  • Water Element – Water energy is adaptable and serene. Use dark blue or black crystals if you want to increase the calmness and serenity in your home.
  • Wood Element – The wood element symbolizes flexibility and growth. You can use shades of brown and green calcite crystals in order to promote these qualities as well as creativity, vitality, and strength.
  • Metal Element – Metal energy helps to generate clarity and precision. Use gray and white crystals to symbolize the metal element.

Cleansing Your Calcite Crystals

Feng shui experts believe that energy in crystals can become negative or stagnant. Therefore, it is important to cleanse your calcite crystals on a periodic basis. Do this when you first receive the crystal, as it may have picked up negative energy on its way to you. You can also do this if the crystal has been exposed to a negative experience or if the crystal feels heavy or dull. You can cleanse your calcite crystals in a variety of ways.

Pure Water

Run your crystal under the water for a few minutes, or soak the crystal in a bowl for several hours. Use room temperature water as extreme temperatures might damage the crystal.


Create a mixture of water and salt. Soak the crystal in a bowl of saltwater for a few hours and then rinse it with clear water.


Place your crystal in a space where it will be exposed to the full moon. Experts consider this an effective way of cleansing and recharging the crystal with positive energy.


Just like exposure to the full moon can cleanse and recharge a crystal, so can exposure to the sunlight. Leave the crystal in the sun for a few hours to cleanse and recharge with positive energy.


Smudging is burning herbs like sage to create positive energy. Burn herbs and plants like sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, and rosemary to create smoke. Pass the crystal through the smoke to cleanse and purify the crystal.