The Benefits of a South-Facing House in Feng Shui Design

A south-facing house is considered one of the most auspicious in many schools of feng shui design. This is because this direction typically receives the most hours of sunlight. In ancient days, when there were more hours of sunlight, this led to a higher crop yield and greater prosperity. In feng shui belief, sunlight is beneficial to our health and well-being, and can symbolize abundance. 

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A south-facing house is associated with the season of summer and with passion, inspiration, and illumination. Once you understand your home’s direction, you can use this knowledge to help you channel the energy around your home and create a harmonious and balanced living space.

Determining a South-Facing House

Determining the direction of your house can either be straightforward or more complicated, depending on your situation. You can use either a magnetic compass or a compass app on a smartphone. Begin at your front door and face out. Look at the direction the compass is pointing to determine which direction your home faces. In south-facing homes, the compass will point toward the south.

For some houses, most of the activity occurs on another side of the house. A feng shui expert may determine that this is the facing side of your home rather than the front side. Consider consulting a feng shui practitioner if you are confused about the facing side of your house.

A South-Facing House and the Bagua Map

A South-Facing House and the Bagua Map

Feng shui experts consider the energy flow of your entire space in order to create harmony and balance. One of the most important tools that they use is a bagua map. This map helps to determine which areas correspond to different areas of your life that you can optimize by using distinct symbols and colors. Each area is also associated with a cardinal direction. The area that corresponds with fame and reputation also represents the south. This is the reason that feng shui experts associate south-facing homes with careers and wealth.

A South-Facing House and the Elements

A South-Facing House and the Elements

The five elements of fire, wood, water, earth, and metal are foundational in feng shui practice. Each element is associated with an area of the bagua map and can be used to enhance the energy of that area. The fire element is associated with the fame and reputation section of the bagua and the southern direction. You can use symbols and colors that represent the fire element to activate the energy associated with a house facing south. This will generate more opportunities for advancement and help enhance your reputation in the world. Fire colors are vibrant and warm and include shades of red, orange, and purple. Fire symbols include triangles, zig-zags, candles, and artificial lights.

Within the cycle of the five elements, the wood element feeds the fire element. Use symbols and colors that represent wood to enhance fire energy that has begun to burn low. Symbols of wood include plants, vertical shapes, columns, and stripes. Colors that we associate with wood energy include shapes of green, teal, and brown.

Ideas for Enhancing a South-Facing House

A home facing south is an ideal choice for politicians, community leaders, and those looking for career advancement. But a south-facing home is also ideal for anyone who wants to be more visible and increase the abundance in their life.

Focus on the Entrance

Focus on the Entrance

The entrance of your house is one of the vital spaces in the design as this is the place where life force energy enters. Feng shui experts call the entrance the “mouth of qi”. This space sets the tone of your entire home. Your goal for the entrance of any home is to create positive and vital energy flow into your home.

In a south-facing home, you can attract positive energy by using colors like red, orange, purple, green, teal, and brown near your front entrance. Use a vibrant shade as a front door color, a door decoration, or plant flowers with bright floral colors. To help you determine the best color choice for entrance decor, consider the sunlight in this area. An area with bright sunlight all day might feel too stimulating with a fiery color choice. In this case, a soothing green or teal would work well. This color is still supportive of the fire element but has a calming presence.

Beneficial Lighting

Front door porch lights

Light is one of the most powerful sources of energy in feng shui. This includes both natural and artificial light sources. Many south-facing houses benefit from ample sunlight throughout the day. This sunlight brings positive energy and health benefits. Use light and airy curtains that still allow sunlight to enter your home but help you to maintain your privacy.

You can symbolize the fire element with artificial lighting of all types. Make sure your entrance is well-lit to create a welcoming space. In addition to overhead lights, layer other artificial light sources throughout your home to allow you to create a cozy and well-functioning home.

Fire and Wood Elements

Fire and Wood Elements

South-facing houses benefit from fire and wood symbols and colors. You can either focus these near the south sector of your home or use them throughout your home’s design scheme to create a cohesive design. Add pops of fire colors like pink, fuschia, maroon, coral, and burnt sienna to decor throughout your home in furniture, throw pillows, rugs, wall art, and paint. Fire symbols are also beneficial in south-facing houses. Use candles to help give your space a relaxed and serene vibe. Consider motifs like triangles or zig-zag lines on rugs and as accents on throw pillows.

Wood symbols are also auspicious in south-facing homes. Some essential wood element symbols are house plants. Including one or two house plants in the south sector of your house can energize the status of your fame and reputation in the world. Use easy maintenance houseplants like peace lilies and snake plants and ensure that they are always healthy. You can also incorporate wood colors like cool greens, teals, and brown tones into your decor.

Colors to Avoid

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The five elements also exist in a destructive cycle. The element that destroys fire is the water element. Thus, if you want to keep the fire energy in your home burning strong, avoid shades of deep blue and black in the south sector of your home or on your home’s front door.

Pros and Cons of a South-Facing House

The qualities of the orientation of any house depend upon many factors including climate, specific location, and building design. This list is particular for homes in the northern hemisphere.


  • Beneficial Sunlight – South-facing houses have exposure to sun for most of the day. This is beneficial in feng shui because sunlight is a positive energetic force and helps to create a vibrant space.
  • Gardening Opportunities – The constant exposure to sunlight means more choices for plants and flowers in your outdoor spaces.
  • Energy Efficient in Cold Climates – South-facing houses are particularly beneficial in cold climates. The constant sunlight exposure can help reduce heating costs during the winter without overwhelming costs for cooling during the summer months.


  • Overheating in Warm Climates – Southern-facing houses are not cost-effective in warm climates as this constant exposure to sunlight is particularly difficult during the hot summer months.
  • Home Maintenance – Constant exposure to sunlight is hard on a home’s facade and can lead to increased costs for outdoor painting and maintenance.

Feng Shui Decorating Tips for Your House Based on Orientation: